Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Birthday

ed note: I wrote a similar thing in my December (birthday) grand daughter's card

Having a December 1st Birthday is the way to go!
It means all sorts of fun things:

  • Great gifts, because the toy stores are all stocked with many fabulous things, and it gets every one in the shopping mood
  • Getting your birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas paper
  • Getting your birthday gifts combined with Christmas gifts even though they don't do that with the June Birthdays, or any other month for that matter
  • Combining Thanksgiving and your birthday (that's when you travel to Grandma's house - well that happened to me all the time)
  • The stores are all decorated for your special month
  • and the star is lit on the mountain too
  • Celebrating Jesus' birth in the same month
  • Christmas Carols
  • Christmas Trees
  • and all that other festive stuff
Thanks to all who remembered me this year. I feel so loved.


PS This bouquet just arrived, from my sweet hubby as I typed this. I have Never seen an arrangement this huge. I decided to take its photo where the Christmas tree usually stands. It is a good 2.5 feet high!

Thanks Best Friend in the World <3 ~a


Zoe said...

Dear Annie -
What a beautiful arrangement your sweetheart gave you! Let me add my voice to the "chorus" of happy birthday wishes.
I thought of you first thing this morning and sent lots of love your direction.

Ash said...

Happy Birthday!

Mike said...

Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day. :) Your granddaughter enjoyed talking with you this am.

Sailor said...

Happy Day Dear Friend! You make my life happy.

Significant Snail said...

Happy Birthday! What wonderful flowers! Many good wishes for many more birthdays to come!

Kay Dennison said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! It was my son's 35th birthday as well.

Anonymous said...

I got a chance to comment --- wanted to tell you I've been thinking of you -- even more when you said that your B-Day was close to mine --- and here I find out it's a day apart -- I should have asked more clearly - wink - so here I am -- can't drive -- don't get enough service -- tryed to find your house -- so I could tell you in person -- I guess my Dad somehow forgot what you said how to get to your place -- I am glad you had a happy Happy Birthday -- glad and lucky you --- to get such beautiful flowers they are indeed one of a kind! Well are you up for another 60 years -- wink --


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