Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Too Fun

When my daughter met her future husband online, then met him in person, fell in love and married him within 5 months, I had many misgivings, even though I am a great fan of You've Got Mail.

But he turned out to be a wonderful young man and we are thrilled with how happy they are. They recently celebrated their 5th anniversary, have purchased a home, have two children and are living a happily-ever-after life near his graduate school.

I never dreamed I would meet any of my blogger friends. But this year is the year to meet some of them. I recently met Lori when she was in town on a business trip. I have loved her blog and felt like if we actually met, we would feel right at home, and I was right. I have been reading her blog for at least two, maybe three years, and I have come to think of her as almost a sister. Now met another newer blog friend, and we hit it off too.

My new friend's name is Kristeen. Her blog is called the Gough Inn. I discovered that her dad lives in a town 15 miles away from mine, and she is visiting him for a while. I took a little time out yesterday before I headed up to Salt Lake to my choir.

We had a great visit. Her dad is such a sweet man, with a dimple in his cheek so deep you just want to sigh every time he smiles.

Kristeen is such a talented lady. She painted a scene on her dad's wall that shows his homestead where he used to live. I used to punish my daughter for writing on the wall. I should have encouraged it, I guess. I WISH I had remembered my camera, because I would have loved to include a picture of her painting on his wall. She is actually writing his personal history and is printing it in book form through

She already wrote her mom's history the same way. She is able to make these beautiful scrap book pages digitally and then send them to blurb, arrange the pages the way she wants and have them print and bind them. The work she has done is phenomenal. She has done some amazing things with Photo Shop. I am astounded. If you want to see a sample of one of her pages, click here and scroll down. The picture of the man resting behind the two horses was painted in photo shop. I looked pretty carefully and it looks like an old time photograph. She is very talented. She waves you away when you express this opinion in an "anyone can do this" attitude, but believe me, I am SURE this is not so.

Sailor is very interested in this procedure of using blurb to write some family history. I am excited about his interest, and maybe we might even get reckless and purchase Photo Shop? I think I might have some major fun with it as well.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving, and thanks for stopping by.



Together We Can said...

Hey Anita,
Just a heads up....Office Max has Photoshop Elements 8 for $49.99 on Black Friday. My sister in law is going and getting me one. It is a great deal. Let me know if you would like one and we can get you one. I will be at my Grandma's house on Saturday and could get it to you.
It really is not that hard and I love to scrap. I am still awaiting your pics to get you some pages done! We wiped out my computer due to some viruses, so I am anxiously awaiting Friday to get it back on my computer and get back to work. Let me know.

Kay Dennison said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Together We Can said...

The ads are out today and it is $59.99 in the ad. Just wanted to let you now.

balunov27 said...

Good post, useful information. I like your blog, follow you.

calamitykim said...

Hi Annie! You are the winner of my Ruth Rae Book Giveaway. Please come to my Blog and let me know you got this! I will email you for your address! Yeehaw! Thanks for participating!
xo, calamity Kim

Anonymous said...

You are a sweet new friend that I will forever keep. Love your comments about me (so thoughtful and kind words) Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving too!

Annieofbluegables said...

Thank you, one and all for your comments. <3


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