Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Visible Risible

Last night a new experience was introduced into my life. For the first time I got to meet fellow blogger friend, I had "met" on the internet and loved for several years. I feel like I have known her forever.

In my posts I have often mentioned Lori from Mostly Risible. I was first attracted to her blog from some other I was reading that mentioned Lori was in Italy now.

With Italy, being on my wish list, I immediately hurried over to her blog and began to read all about her adventures, which were being blogged about as she was experiencing them.

I spent a great deal of time reading about her Italy trip, and the other things she was doing. She sent the information almost immediately, so it was as if we, the blog readers, all got to come with her. We even got to see the food they were eating. If you plan an Italy trip, I would recommend going over to her blog and reading her recommendations to add to your itinerary.

As I began to get acquainted with her writing and cast of characters, I began to feel like we had known each other before. She just clicked with me. How can that be? But I almost felt like she could be a sister, separated at birth. She just felt like family.

I have to admit I spent a great deal of time reading past posts and learning about this fascinating lady. Her writing always elicited a giggle, and I found myself reading the posts to my hubby.
Eventually I was introduced to her sister, Heidi and fell in love again. Wow, TWO new sisters.

Anyway, long story short, she was in Utah this week on business and we met and had dinner. It was all I had imagined. She is just as darling in person as she is on her blog. We had a delightful conversation. I brought my sweet Sailor (hubby) along and he added a great amount to the conversation. The sweetie paid for our dinners! Quite an uneven trade, as I only knitted her a heart dishrag and a pot holder. heh heh.

I remain charmed.

Thanks Lori!


Sailor said...

It was a very nice night. Easily worth a half a day of vacation to have dinner with two bubbly and funny ladies.

ZB said...

You two could be sisters…

poopie said...

this picture? makes me happy :)


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