Thursday, November 5, 2009

vivid dream

I rarely remember my dreams. But this morning's dream is vivid. I awoke relieved it wasn't real and my hands and feat were sweating.
What causes my hands and feet to sweat? High places. YIKES

So without further adieu

::fade to dreamy music::

I am on some sort of campus. I was with my B-girl daughter. She was looking for a certain professor to ask a question. She had told me he was hard to find, but after riding an escalator for many flights and finally having to climb the last four flights with out any escalator, we reached the top of the building and there he was. At this point, I had lost B-girl.

While looking about, the professor, who was around 25 years old, invited me to see some of the other parts of the building. He opened a trap door, which looked like the attic with structure posts. I told him I was not as agile as in my younger days and he just smiled and kept going. When he opened the door, I was terrified to see we were at the peak of the roof. This is one of those tile roofs. The roof was so high that the river below seemed far down, but still expanded for a great deal of terrain. I was able to back into the attic and rescue myself, and the professor eventually, after some death-defying jumps came back into the attic as well. Then somehow we found B-girl and we were shown another door. By now I was a bit wary, but I followed.

We climbed around some structure posts and then through another trap door which led us out to another roof! This one was a turret roof, and it had a hand bar, which I grabbed and began following. It led in a spiral around the roof, but as I was watching him, I realized it also led out away from the roof . We were sliding on this hand rail, feet on the bottom rail holding onto the top. The stupid professor then climbed over this and jumped back to the roof. It was a good 5 foot jump, which I KNEW I couldn't manage. He landed on the side of the roof just as I was realizing I might have to change direction and go back in order to get back to safety, but there were oncoming people, and I would be going against traffic.

At this point, I awoke. At first I was a bit frustrated because I felt I needed to finish this thing and get me back to safety, but then I realized this was a MUCH better solution.

Now, Suzanne specifically, analyze that. What in the world does this one mean?? Read her comments in the post of my last vivid dream and see if you think she is RIGHT ON or what.

here's wishing you a wonderful day


ZB said...

What are you eating at night??? I have NO such dreams at this point in my life…

Sailor said...

Hi Dear Friend, It is a good thing you don't need much rest for your beauty as I don't think you get much with those kinds of dreams. Yikes! You woke right up this morning. :)


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