Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Monday, March 6, 2017

what have you started, but never finished, why?

I started a hook rug of a lion that matched the children's drapes. Because we were dirt poor, I used a gunny sack. The kind the cow feed came in. I washed it and drew the design on the back.

We moved to a tiny trailer shortly after that. Dave got a job in Hayden Colorado. So we shut the Delta CO house up and brought only a tiny television, a vacuum, sleeping bags, pots and pans and table service for four, clothing for five days, the Christmas gifts we'd just gotten in Boulder, including toys for the kids and a baking book for me, the dog and my hook rug.

It was January and we didn't have a washer. Dave worked in the coal yards, so his dirty clothing was washed in the bathtub with Tide and a toilet plunger, then dried in the dryer that came with the trailer. I was so thrilled to own a dryer, I didn't mind washing everything by hand, including cloth diapers.

The hooked rug came out after chores.

I was making good progress, when after a month living there, Dave came home to say we'd been transferred back to Delta. So we packed up our scant belongings and headed home. The hooked rug got put away and hasn't been touched since.

Monday, July 25, 2016


I'm in mourning.
In all my self-absorbed quilting, I've not kept up on some of my most favorite bloggers.
I just learned that Carol Turznik from Mamacjt has passed away in May of this year, and I'm so very sad. She was my hero in so many ways.

I loved her colorful imagination so much, I created her own board on Pinterest. I started following her sometime in the last 10-15 years, I'm not certain when. Early in my internet searching days, as I was studying how to learn to quilt, I came across her blog and I was hooked.

I loved her choice of colors and fabrics. She had incredible style, imagination and talent. I loved seeing what she was up to next. She not only did many imaginative and brightly colored quilts, but pincushions and drawings. She regularly made beautiful envelopes for her lucky niece and granddaughter and sent books to them. I am stunned by the amount of envelopes she whipped out in a week, on top of all the quilting. She was involved in many swaps, where some lucky person received a beautiful creation, including doll quilts, mug rugs, pin cushions, etc. she also did many consignments. She created caricature portraits in fabric of at least 75 women.

She taught me a lot about fabric art that Ive applied to my quilting process. She would color on fabric with crayons and heat set with an iron. I used this in one of my quilts to make the letters stand out.

Soon after I had started following her, she had a "giveaway" and I won a pincushion she made one day. I loved it so much, I ordered another. So I have two of her and darling creations.

She always went the extra mile, so when I received her boxes with the pincushions, she included darling handmade hat pins she had created with clay over the head of the pin.

She had a way of making everyone feel like we were an intimate part of her circle of friends.

I'm not sure why God took her so early in her life. I'm certain He didn't allow her to bring her art supplies. She was such a force of energy for good, I'm sure her dear family feels unbelievably hollow without her.

I found some colorful buttons in Walmart the other day. I have no immediate use for them, but I purchased them in memory of her. They will sit on the shelf in my sewing room, next to her pincushions as my memorial to her.

Rest in Piece, my dear friend. I miss you lots.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Christ is Watching Over You

This is one I made in 2015. My friend, Peggy, at Wisconson Quilting designed the Christ panel for me and we printed it on Kona Cotton at Spoonflower.

I pieced the background trying to get a space-type background. I used many prints of stars, then I appliqued the planets and Christ onto the background.

Some of these starry fabrics glow in the dark, which makes it even more fun. 

I quilted it on a domestic machine and tried to copy Starry Starry Night by Van Gogh,  

I am in the process of making two more and will add them to this post when they are done.
I found some amazing whole cloth background so I don't have to piece that again.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Latest Quilt

My Latest Quilt for Leila is another from the BeAttitudes pattern by Nancy Halvorsen.
When I made the first one, I cut out all the little pieces for six future quilts and put them in envelopes. Then sewed the quilt.

I had to redesign some of the blocks because the original pattern was for only six  BE's in President Hinckley's talk.
Later he published a book with nine BE's.

Nancy's patterns were so much simpler, and easier to do. I don't know why my work gets so much more complicated. I love her owl.

Here is some of the quilting I did. I learned from the best on the internet. I love Lori Kennedy's blog, the Inbox Jaunt. 

I love the way she teaches.

When I made the second one for Calise, I sewed all of the blocks and ironed on all the appliques, so for this quilt, I had a head start. I had to blanket stitch around all the pieces, while I was at it, I stitched two sets of blocks, because I must make another BeAttitudes quilt before September 3rd of this year. I have 4 (FOUR) quilts I have to complete this summer.

I traced all the letters for two quilts as well.

I've just completed the second quilt this summer for Mat. His is a Christus statue with the planets surrounding him. I titled it "Christ is Watching Over You."

Pictures will be forthcoming.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Continuous bias binding

Every time I want to make my own bias tape, I have to look this up, so here is a Link

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Frustrating dream

What a frustrating dream.
I was traveling, I think with my choir. My sister J was with me. Her husband S was driving. We got to the hotel, S dropped us off at the front door, and drove off to park. We decided with all the stuff we were carrying to leave the luggage in the car and come back for it later. I had a couple of decorated cakes I was carrying plus some other stuff, coats, and for some reason a newspaper. The people at the desk checked us in and handed us a huge load of other things, to do with the tour.

I realized that my ticket was booked through a different agency, and I was afraid that I would be separated from my companion, I think it was my hubby, but in the dream the traveling companions changed from my hubby to my sister J, to my other sister ZB, then to my mom and then to my daughter J.

After receiving all the things for the tour, we headed down a hall to find our rooms. For some reason the hall ended in three grand stair cases. One peeled away curving to the right, the other left and one went straight, completing a U-turn half way on a landing and heading straight behind us. All were labeled in grandiose names. I remember one being called the Ludo deck. Isn't that from the Love Boat?

 We kept moving all our stuff to make sure we didn't lose it until we found a way to find our room. but as we did, some stuff was left behind from the last transfer, so my things were scattered. Somewhere in transferring all our stuff, which seemed to grow as we walked, I lost the keys to our room, and the handout that told about the whole experience in which we were about to partake. Meanwhile, I saw all my fellow choir members pass me and head up to their rooms. Some even came back down after unloading.  But my stuff continued to get more and more separated and lost. I remember one part of my dream, I saw my purse hanging at the top of a display wall, inside of a shop. I was in the process of climbing this pegboard and glass shelf wall to retrieve it, when the shop owner came in and caught me.

I think that is when I awoke, you should have seen my hair. Apparently I was under the covers whilst dreaming this disturbing dream.

I never did find our rooms. The cakes were a disaster by then, we never did see our husbands.
What's with these disturbing dreams? I hardly EVER remember my dreams, but when I do, they are weird.


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