Monday, July 25, 2016


I'm in mourning.
In all my self-absorbed quilting, I've not kept up on some of my most favorite bloggers.
I just learned that Carol Turznik from Mamacjt has passed away in May of this year, and I'm so very sad. She was my hero in so many ways.

I loved her colorful imagination so much, I created her own board on Pinterest. I started following her sometime in the last 10-15 years, I'm not certain when. Early in my internet searching days, as I was studying how to learn to quilt, I came across her blog and I was hooked.

I loved her choice of colors and fabrics. She had incredible style, imagination and talent. I loved seeing what she was up to next. She not only did many imaginative and brightly colored quilts, but pincushions and drawings. She regularly made beautiful envelopes for her lucky niece and granddaughter and sent books to them. I am stunned by the amount of envelopes she whipped out in a week, on top of all the quilting. She was involved in many swaps, where some lucky person received a beautiful creation, including doll quilts, mug rugs, pin cushions, etc. she also did many consignments. She created caricature portraits in fabric of at least 75 women.

She taught me a lot about fabric art that Ive applied to my quilting process. She would color on fabric with crayons and heat set with an iron. I used this in one of my quilts to make the letters stand out.

Soon after I had started following her, she had a "giveaway" and I won a pincushion she made one day. I loved it so much, I ordered another. So I have two of her and darling creations.

She always went the extra mile, so when I received her boxes with the pincushions, she included darling handmade hat pins she had created with clay over the head of the pin.

She had a way of making everyone feel like we were an intimate part of her circle of friends.

I'm not sure why God took her so early in her life. I'm certain He didn't allow her to bring her art supplies. She was such a force of energy for good, I'm sure her dear family feels unbelievably hollow without her.

I found some colorful buttons in Walmart the other day. I have no immediate use for them, but I purchased them in memory of her. They will sit on the shelf in my sewing room, next to her pincushions as my memorial to her.

Rest in Piece, my dear friend. I miss you lots.


Unknown said...
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David said...

so nice to read your writing Gain
it has been a while

David said...

just saw the typo
again not gain


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