Friday, December 4, 2009

It is December of 2009 already! Where did the year go?

We finally got the tree up tonight. I love this tree. It rotates. In fact, this is the third rotating stand I have purchased. I am hooked and they are HARD TO FIND.
I do the same thing every year. Start with around 800 lights, then add the ribbon and bows. This year I added some pine cones that had sparkles glued onto them. I purchased them at a discount last year after Christmas.
This year I have added a Little People Manger Scene for my grandchildren who are coming tomorrow.

Today I made a hygiene kit for my Angels from the Angel tree. Both were older men who wanted a lap quilt and hygiene items. I think that is a standard thing they write for someone who has not expressed a wish. I had two like this last year as well. I try to find the oldest people on the tree when I pick my angels. Last year I purchased stuff like shampoo, soap, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. But I didn't have anyplace to put it. So this year I made a bag for that stuff.

For a pattern, I used one I got on the airlines once when we flew business class .

You start out with the following pieces:

cut one 3x15 inches (edge)
one 4x4 inches (handle)
cut two each of 10x5 inches (sides)
two 14x2 inches (zipper pieces)

I used a zipper I had on hand. It has to be at least 14 inches long.

To sew in the zipper use the two 14x2 inch pieces. Line up the outer edge of the unzipped zipper to the right side of each piece like it shows in the picture. Stitch.

fold on seam line so right side of fabric faces you and top stitch 1/4 inch from fold.

It should look like this when finished.

set aside.

To make the side handle, fold the 4x4 piece in half and press. unfold and bring outer raw edges to fold. Press. Fold in half again and press. top stitch on both sides to make a handle that measures 1 inch by 4 inches.

To assemble, take the two 10x5 inch (side) pieces and with a pin, mark the center of the long end on each piece. Likewise take the zipper piece and find the center point. The zipper is made so it will bend around each end, extending down the short side of the side pieces for about two inches. Match center pins of zipper and side piece and pin. Stitch. Repeat on other side piece and zipper piece.

Pin Edge Piece at the end of the zipper piece. Stitch. Fold and top stitch. Repeat on other end of Edge Piece and Zipper Piece.
Pin Handle Piece one inch below the bottom of the zipper on the Edge Piece. Machine baste 1/8th inch from edge. Aline other end of Handle to opposite side of Edge Piece. Let it buckle a little. Pin to other side. You may have to cut off an inch of the handle piece after determining how long it should be. Machine baste 1/8th inch from edge.

Match center of the long side of the Side piece and the zipper piece. Pin. Carefully pin along edge of zipper piece and side piece from tops to sides and finally bottom. If your edge piece is too long, meet in the middle of the bottom edge of the side piece. You can take up the slack by sewing a seam where they meet at the bottom. Repeat on opposite side.

This shows the finished hygiene kit. I tied a ribbon on the zipper to make a pull and filled it with the hygiene supplies. I made it from an old pair of jeans. This is for a homeless man, I assume, so I think it would be fairly useful, yet not something that would catch attention and get stolen.

I'm really tired and have so much more to do before the grandchildren come tomorrow, but I won't be home. I am going up to a CASU board meeting Christmas party and won't be home until midnight. They are arriving while we are gone. I hope the children don't find something to put in their mouths that I over looked. I really have to de-babyize the place when they come and I usually manage to overlook something. I have had 6 children of my own, but it has been over 20 years since that last one was a baby. My baby has two babies of his own now. Don't that make me feel old? yup

So it is easy to miss something they can put in their mouths or hurt themselves with. My daughter is pretty good at scanning the place and finding things that are hazardous to their health. I am looking forward to seeing them soon. But it is now 11:00 pm, and I awoke this morning all spritely at 4:30, so now I am tired.

I hope you are having a wonderful December, and the spirit of Christmas is filling your households.



Kay Dennison said...

Great tree!!! And yeah, you're an angel. I know you'll have a great Christmas!!!!

Sailor said...

I think it goes to prove that the one that keeps the list, does the shopping, makes the gifts and is really the Spirit of Christmas is Mrs. Claus. Santa gets the credit because she doesn't like the cold ride, and handling a bunch of recalcitrant reindeer scares her. She stays home by the fire and makes quilts.

Grandma Cebe said...

I have the same nativity for the grandkids. It's one of the first things that the local little ones play with when they come over. Sadly, they sometimes fight about how it should look. The older one will only allow the angel to be put on top. His sister likes to see what the donkey or the cow or a wise man looks like on top.

ZB said...

Well that is nice. I remember when I was stabbed someone gave me a cloth thing to hang by my bed that had pockets for mail, pen, Kleenex and the like… very handy. Pretty tree…


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