Monday, May 26, 2008


Today I was cleaning up some really old stuff I had saved for years that needed sorting and found a folded piece of newspaper. I opened it and found my daughter staring back at me!
I don't even remember who gave this to me, where I got it or anything. It looks so much like her. It is dated Nov 2002. I don't even remember where she was that year. Boo, were you in Salt Lake sometime that year? Is this you?
Pretty spooky. If this is not my daughter, then she has an exact twin living in the same vicinity. Cool, but weird.
Speaking of pictures of people I recognize,

I was looking through the Church magazine, for the article I mentioned in the last blog and came across this page. April 2008 issue, page 39. I could have sworn it is a former neighbor Theresa Nickle, who has now grown up and has children of her own I even recognize that daughter, they've visited our church. I called her mom, and guess what? It IS! It is a picture taken of her in her living room with her daughter and son and adoring dog.
Theresa knew someone who does photographs for the Ensign. He was there taking pictures, but this snapshot was one she was not aware he had taken. He ended up using the informal picture.

Funnier yet is that the article on this page was written by my other neighbor's (Evelyn) daughter, Loraine. Wow It is a small world!

The explanations were fun to hear from the two moms, but this one of my daughter really is disconcerting. It would be like her to forget to mention that she was in the paper. (It is a half newspaper size. ) Or better yet, she DID mention it, in her very quiet way and NO ONE HEARD HER.

She always complained of being the invisible daughter. She is the 5th child and always thought no one paid any attention to her. To me she is an amazing girl. She quietly made such good grades that she was asked to join a "some sort of sorority called Phi Theta Kappa, but they want $50".
Her dad told her to join, he would pay the fees.

She quietly goes about her business, making things happen without too much fanfare. I liken her to a duck on water. On the surface she looks like she is just floating around the pond, but if you manage to peek under the surface, her little feet are paddling like mad. I wouldn't put it past her for never making a big deal of the fact that an 11"x14" picture of her was gracing the Salt Lake Newspaper. Is this you, Boo?



RisibleGirl said...

Oh a mystery! I can't wait to find out if it's her. She's awfully cute and I see quite a resemblance between that picture and you.

Sailor said...

That really is her smile.... wow, that is very strange.

HiHoRosie said...

Dun dun dun! We love a mystery!

And hey, I remember having a similar experience to yours when I was in high school and opening up a New Era (current at the time) and seeing several familar faces within the pages. Crazy! But fun!

Together We Can said...

What a mystery? I can't wait to find out the story. I saw that she began blogging and hope that she comes on here to respond and solve teh mystery.

Together We Can said...

Wow!!! Two mistakes on my comment. I guess I can attribute it to 5 children under the age of 4 running around. Okay, so the baby is just hanging out, and the 9 month old is screaming his lungs out. Joy!!

Sarah Pittard said...

that totally looks like boo berry!!!

pixiestylist said...

it IS an amazing resemblance, however. her eyebrows look different to me and this pict makes it look like she has a dimple that she doesnt have... but AMAZING! we should get her a hooded coat like that and make her pose! :)


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