Monday, March 6, 2017

what have you started, but never finished, why?

I started a hook rug of a lion that matched the children's drapes. Because we were dirt poor, I used a gunny sack. The kind the cow feed came in. I washed it and drew the design on the back.

We moved to a tiny trailer shortly after that. Dave got a job in Hayden Colorado. So we shut the Delta CO house up and brought only a tiny television, a vacuum, sleeping bags, pots and pans and table service for four, clothing for five days, the Christmas gifts we'd just gotten in Boulder, including toys for the kids and a baking book for me, the dog and my hook rug.

It was January and we didn't have a washer. Dave worked in the coal yards, so his dirty clothing was washed in the bathtub with Tide and a toilet plunger, then dried in the dryer that came with the trailer. I was so thrilled to own a dryer, I didn't mind washing everything by hand, including cloth diapers.

The hooked rug came out after chores.

I was making good progress, when after a month living there, Dave came home to say we'd been transferred back to Delta. So we packed up our scant belongings and headed home. The hooked rug got put away and hasn't been touched since.


Anonymous said...

love your post.. I've left project undone before but I can say now I don't have any unforgotten

Hope you have been doing well...

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Carol S. said...

Hi Annie, I think it was you who left a comment on my blog about a ruffle on a quilt, but I'm not sure. Your comment came into my email as a no-reply blogger. If it was you...thank you for the comment!

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