Monday, May 26, 2008

Chosing the Better Part

Yesterday our Relief Society Lesson was on This Talk by Dallin H Oaks titled Good, Better, Best.

I have been guilty of spending hours on the computer, thanks to my children for talking me into blogging. I have made friends here and it is part of my social life, in a way. I love all the people I meet here, and all the ideas I get from other's blogs. I am truly richer for having spent time here. But sadly a LOT of other things get laid by the wayside.
Today I continued with my newly started exercise regime. Last week I found a link to an article called from couch to 5K on someone's blog.
As I ran on my treadmill, I also listened to General Conference. I missed it in April when we were working the outage, so I am catching up on what I missed.

I have worked up to 30 minutes already, and will get faster and have more endurance as I continue. Wish me luck and cheer me on. I have such a struggle with sticking to this and a good eating program.

I guess I thought that if I tell the world that I have started this, maybe, just maybe I will continue down this good path. I can get in shape physically and spiritually. How's that for choosing good things to do with your time?



RisibleGirl said...

I think that's a struggle that you and I share. I really need to get on the stick. My youngest son is getting married in mid July and I'll be seeing the ex-husband (the one who continually threatened to divorce me if I didn't lose weight.) I'd love to lose another 20lbs or so. I'm already much thinner than I was when we divorced, but I'm not that elusive size 6.

I know... vengeance is not nice. ;)

I'll be here cheering you on. Maybe I'll get off my behind and join you.

Sailor said...

Yea! Yea! Yea You!... that is my cheer anyway. You are the best. I am glad that I chose you. Now I just have to choose the best in the rest of my life.

HiHoRosie said...

Well, I've been gardening like mad does that count?! I think it does! It does feel good to be doing something more than on the computer - an easy trap for me to fall into. Kudos to you for exercising and getting the blood flowing. :)


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