Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do you EQ?

Recently I have become interested in EQ. As mentioned before, I am making quilts for all my grandchildren as they get baptized at age 8. I made one last year, two will be ready by next year, and then it just grows by leaps and bounds. I have purchased many cute fabrics in anticipation of these events, but I seem to think that as I make these that I am not happy with anyone's pattern, I have to make them up myself.
So as I am designing these, I find that I am WISHING for a software program  that would put in the fabrics that I already own and help me design the quilts that are floating around in my head.

EQ is now publishing EQ7. I've been aware of EQ for years, but never thought I had a use for it.
UNTIL NOW. As I try to design these quilts, I find myself looking at all the quilts designed by EQ and I am beginning to wish I had it. The New EQ looks like it is going to be EVEN BETTER than ever before, so now is a good time to be investigating this software, eh? It really looks wonderful.

In anticipation of this coming event, EQ has offered to let 10 bloggers host a give-away. The details are here. If you are not a blogger, then I quote from their post:

Not a blogger? Wait until May 3rd when we post the winning blogs so that you can enter their contests to try and win an EQ7 program!

In the mean time, I will make you aware of this event and continue to cross my fingers. hee hee.


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Anonymous said...

So very wonderful infor -- and great indea about a quilt for a grandchild when they are baptized .. I could do that!


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