Saturday, February 27, 2010


For several years now I have been terrified of machine quilting. I tried it once and it seemed to work, but I didn't have the rhythm it takes or the right tools to make the whole thing flow. The second time I tried, it was a total FAIL. I ended up picking out the whole spool of thread and feeling pretty frustrated.

It has taken many hours of studying, Googling, watching YouTube videos, experimenting with the settings on my machine, and practicing to get it to look right.

I have purchased many tools, including several quilting feet, gloves, Bobbin Genies, a special sheet that you somehow attach to the bed and is supposed to help the quilt glide, and a very special hoop that is open on one end, so you can push the fabric around.  The BEST thing I have purchased were the gloves, over at Day Style Designs. The Genie made my bobbin spin around too freely, and I ended up taking it back out. I've never gotten around to trying the sheet. The special hoop was nice, but the gloves are THE BEST YET!

Yesterday I was hunting through my sewing box to find something and ran across the quilting feet. I had tried them on the machine before, and it hadn't worked. I flipped the package over and was horrified I had paid $32.00 each for them. Neither are made for my model of Viking, but I didn't realize it. Because I trusted the sales lady, and because I wasn't working on anything quilty at the time, I just laid them aside and didn't try them. I've lost the receipts, so I am stuck with the open-toed one until I put it on Ebay or something.

But the first one has a spring. I put it onto my machine, forgetting exactly what the problem had been, and just tried to quilt something. It didn't quite fit, when I raised the presser bar, the toe completely slid sideways, but if I centered the needle, I figured I could make it work. When I lowered the presser bar, the toe completely moved askew. I had to adjust the needle again, but it seemed to work. Now I needed a project.

I ended with this drawing of a mother and baby. It is a picture I have had floating around the sewing room for years, with the idea that someday I would hand embroider this line drawing. Well, yesterday I tried machine quilting this design.

I'm kind of excited how it turned out! I might have to make a baby quilt out of it or something. What do you think? It is completely reversible.

I can't wait to try some more things. I'd better get busy with the Hearts quilt I am making so I can do some fun quilting. I think I like quilting better than piecing. heh heh.

So even though I feel a bit tired and down, the creative juices are flowing. I can hardly sleep sometimes, just thinking about what I can do next.

I hope you are having a fun weekend. Our sweet youngest daughter, Julie and her little Emily are coming soon, so I know I will  have a fun day.



Emma said...

Wow! Well done! Did you draw it yourslef? I can't draw to save myself - I struggle with stick figures! And did you mark it on thye fabric? You did an amazing job! Good to see the snowflakes - though they'd show up more on a darker background.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see this in person -- with you I could learn so much more!

Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful! I want one just the square in a frame! That is so nice! I just saw a picture Thomas and he is so so cute. I love his long hair and dark hair! What a cutie! I wish I could have seen him! On my birthday, was your birthday of successful machine quilting! Congratulations!
Love ,


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