Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I feel like c**p today. Notice my biorhythm on the right hand side of the blog? Everything except intellectual are all below the mid-line and heading south.

Funny thing. I never check my biorhythm until I am feeling just awful and then it all makes sense. Speaking of intellectual, guess what I have been doing today instead of getting ready to drive to Salt Lake to choir? I have been having great fun studying and ordering stuff from this site.

I have been looking into replacing the shades in our bedroom for quite some time. I have a beautiful quilt that I made for this room. I received the purple "Sweepstakes" ribbon at the local county fair a long time ago when I made it. When I purchased the fabric, I had absolutely NO idea how much you need to purchase, so I have an orange box filled with the left over fabric.

Today as I googled "hand made window shades" and among other sites I found the one in the link above. It seemed to have all the answers and most instructions. I had no idea how much it would cost me in the end, but with the left over fabric on hand, it should cost less than custom made ones. I even purchased some drapery lining fabric which is a light-blocker. How cool is that? We live in the city limits and the street lights shine so bright, you can walk outside practically without stubbing your toes. I found I sleep much better with no light. For instance when I am at my mom's home, I sleep like a baby. She lives in the country and no light comes into the room except if an animal pass the motion sensor light. Also at the hotel last week we had such a nice dark room, I slept so peacefully. So I guess this is a good investment. Now, how do you block the barking dogs or the train a block away as it sounds its lonely horn when passing through the intersection? See why we are still looking out in the country for a place?

I looked into custom made blinds and they quoted me $300 a piece. Are You Kidding Me? For teeny tiny little inconsequential windows like the ones in my "master" bedroom?

So I guess I will design my own. I am so excited.

But in the mean time, I just took the old roll-up blinds off and replaced them with a piece of cloth the same with and length with serged sides and top, and a hem wide enough to hold the wood pull. I replaced the tape with new double-stick tape and adhered the cloth to the roller. It looks better than sheets or cloth draped over the top.

This cold gets me down, but my mind is working overtime.

Last night something weird happened. The cat decided he could climb my screen to get to the lattice roof. I was NOT happy. Scared me to death to hear that, then look out to see this large animal climbing my screen. YIKES. I opened the shade and he jumped down, only to start again when he thought the coast was clear. grrrrr. I yanked the shade and knocked it off trying to get at the window, so I could open it and spray water on him, but he had accomplished the dastardly deed and was on the lattice. I'm AWAKE NOW. Couldn't go back to sleep for at least an hour. Sailor says he will put a piece of board over that part of the lattice so he can go nowhere when he finishes climbing. I would love to make some sort of moat for him to pass through to get to my screen. What a stupid cat.

I started coming down with a slight sore throat on Sunday. I didn't believe it. I never get sick in the summer, but I did live on the edge last week, staying up late for several nights in a row. Yesterday I sort of lounged around, but still exercised in spite of how bad I felt. I reasoned that if I got my blood circulating, that the bad stuff would be washed out, eh?

Today I am worse. Just one of those things, in spite of all the stuff I am doing, including OTC drugs, nothing seems to get me better. Sailor called to see if I would like him to drive me up to choir tonight and just be there to listen, even if I sat away from everyone and recorded. My heart wanted to do this more than anything, but my body rebelled. I told him, I would see how I felt by 3 pm. As soon as the Dayquil wore off, I was back to yucky. He called around 2 to say that he, too, was feeling down.in.the.dumps. And was aparently rescinding on his offer to drive me. That was fine by me. I was ready to tell him "thanks, but no thanks, not going."

So the two of us "sickies" will just chill tonight. Hopefully not getting chills, but rather just veg instead. Going to bed at a decent hour and resting. I have already consumed about a gallon of liquids and my throat still feels dry. Glad I didn't have this last week. That trip was SOMUCHFUN!

Luckily you, the reader, can't get anything contageous while reading this post. I hope your day is happy and you are NOT sick. Now I am going to open the windows and try to smell this wonderful rain.

Onto happier stuff. It's raining. I LOVE the rain.

Oh I *LOVE* the RAIN! Bring it on, I could take this kind of rain every.single.day.

God Bless,

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