Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What shall I name her?

I got a new (to me) car! A 2005 4-door Grand Am. The only time I purchased a brand new car right off the lot was after college. I got a job and bought a Mazda 616 piston engine. I was so proud of it. But it got worn down pretty quickly after our marriage and one day the engine overheated.
Ever since, we have gotten second-hand cars. This one feels like it just came off the lot. The three owners before took extra good care of her.
  • She had 65,000 miles on her, she was owned first by a rental company, then two private owners.
  • The heater and AC works on my feet! wahoo. I feel a bit disloyal to White Grand Am, but her heater and AC didn't work on the feet. White GA is now reassigned to Sailor. He drives her to work. She gets great milage. But so does the new Gray Grand Am.
  • This one has 4 doors, some pretty fancy wheels and a satellite ready radio. I haven't felt so luxurious in a long time.
  • She has tinted automatic windows!
  • Automatic transmission and . . . and. . . cruise control. hee hee.
  • She even has a spoiler on the back. Wow so racey.
We saw her on the parking lot near Leo's just before the Outage in March. We thought it would be nice, since the white one has close to 200,000 miles. I was offered the temp job during the outage. If I was able to get many hours in, perhaps we could afford her.

We talked about it for quite some time and finally called the owners. The Blue Book was around $1000 less than they were asking, but these were a young couple. The dad of the girl selling it was so pleased we were looking at it and told Sailor at work how they were trying to get out from under some of their debt.

Of course sweet Sailor couldn't talk them down to the Blue Book price. He just offered exactly their asking price. It did come with a new set of Snow Tires, so I guess that is about the amount we overpaid.

Anyway, the amount I earned at the Outage was able to pay around half of the asking price and the rest was in savings, so that is sweet. She is all paid for, licensed, insured and sitting in our carport.

The photo above is one I found on the internet, but it is exactly how she looks.

So what is a good name for her?

I have to keep pinching myself to realize she is really mine.

oh and she came with one of those key fobs that you can press a button and it says "beep" while the doors lock. How fun is that? Sometimes I just get that out and press the button just to hear it beep. hee hee

I hope you have a nice night



Sailor said...

Hi Dear Friend,
I'm at a loss for a name as well. Maybe she will kind of name herself. Happy motoring Love. :)

Katie said...

I think you should name her "Georgia" because in the initials are GA for Grand Am. :)

ZB said...

Well it looks beautiful! Congratulations! Very nice! YEA!!!!

Significant Snail said...

I suppose you could call her "Beautiful-Gorgeous"...that's what my daughter calls her boyfriend!

Robin said...

Hi, I think the car looks like Shadow or Mist or if you want something French, how about "Mistral". It's a cold dry wind blowing from the north over the northwest coast of the Mediterranean Sea. I love to name things..........

Marie Allen said...

I'm still reading your blog! Maybe you have already named your beautiful new car, but I wanted to submit my suggestion: GrAmmy. My kids would say it's cheesy, but you are such a good Grandmother and that ties it in!


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