Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I hate post-company blues

This weekend, for only a few days, we had D2 and her two little ones come visit while on their trip to Utah.

Wednesday and Thursday and part of Friday were spent getting ready. Washing the floors so the little one could crawl without getting dirty, baby-proofing everything so they don't end up breaking something or worse, choking on something.

They arrived later Friday and the house was filled with happy sounds that come with little ones. We had a race track which was set up and the little cars buzzed round and round. During their stay, the three-year old boy was busy playing and watching one of the only kid's DVD I have, which is a loony tunes DVD. The sweet baby brought in two teeth and stood alone for a second. There were accidents, when he fell out of bed and bonked his chin on the side of the wooden bed and scraped it. Poor sweetie. There were times of great laughter and times of heart-breaking crying.

We visited the local Farmer's supply and purchased a Dutch Oven for D2. She wants to learn from the Master (Sailor). the IFA also had baby chicks for only $3.00 a piece. So tempting.

These Grandparents wanted to just spoil the socks off of them, yet tried to respect the Mom's authority and help with discipline by backing off as she carried it through.

D1 and SIL1 showed up and surprised us on Saturday evening. They made a great effort, because he had a speech to write and give that morning for his class, and they had stayed up really late to complete it the night before and were really tired. They left on Sunday night, having stayed around two hours later than planned. We really appreciated their effort to come visit. She always brings her hair-cutting things because someone always asks for a cut. She is such an unselfish sweet girl. SIL1 helped Grandson build an amazing race track and they played together for a long while as we prepared supper. It was really fun to have them.

We took them out for dinner, we made goodies hoping to please. We purchased a birthday cake and presents to help celebrate the children's early birthdays which both come in May. We played with them, read stories tickled and played games. We held them and kissed them and kissed them and kissed them. They are both so very cute and sweet. It was a fun time, getting to know them a bit better. Their Mommy is such a wonderful mom. It was so fun to watch her. She is amazing. Sometimes I wish I could go back and interview my kids and in-law kids from the pre-life and find out how to raise them. They are all doing a much better job than I did. I would change things, I think. But my kids really turned out great, so I must have done some things right. eh?

Grandpa and Grandson went for a ride in Grandpa's truck. We installed the car seat in the truck and he felt like such a Big Boy. They took a ride and when they got home, he was so pleased with himself. Grandpa is the Favorite, hands down. I don't mind saying that either. I always knew that with my own kids. They loved their Daddy so much. That's because he is really a great man. That's one of the reasons I married him. He was always so cute with kids. He said good-bye last night because he had to head for work this morning at 5:30.

This morning was filled with the rush that comes with packing up the little car, securing the car seat, breakfast, the medicine given, the bottles prepared, diapers changed, the blankets and all the toys arranged in the car, so they can be entertained while she drives. She is such an amazing mom.

But when they finally left, an hour and a half later than her schedule, and they drove away, honking all the way down the street until the corner (it's tradition), I sighed a big sigh. And stood there in the driveway alone. I felt my nose tingle and my eyes well up, so I got my mail and changed the water and headed back inside. When I entered back into the house it was so quiet. All the children's things are gone, the house is emptier. The beds were stripped and blankets neatly folded. Not a thing was left behind that I can see. The cars were not racing around the track, the cartoons turned off, the house is silent and I began to cry. I do that. I always cry when the beloved company leaves. The house is so full one minute then. . .

. . . it is so empty.

It is a good thing that I have a life, or I would just rattle around here with no direction and feel sorry for myself and my loneliness. But today is choir. I have many errands to do when I drive up to Salt Lake, so I have to get myself organized and get on the road as well.

Thank you, sweet D2 for taking out time for us. Thank you for all the effort it takes to come to visit. I realize it is really hard, but it was so fun.

In less than a week, I will drive up to Salt Lake and meet her, and drive back to Colorado with her and visit my mom for a week. Then I will fly home in time for choir the next week. I have much to do before I go, so I won't really have time to mourn too long. But right now, the stark difference from a chaotic house to one with not.one.single.sound is really hard to adjust to.


give your loved ones a hug



Sailor said...

Hi Best Friend,
That was a nice post. I am sure it was very quiet. It will be quiet tonight as well with you at choir - time for a book on tape. Oh, and the chicks were marked down to $2..... I don't suppose that would change your mind about our getting a dozen and a half or so?

Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

You sound like a dream grandma! And it sounds like you are going to have to go on a road trip soon. Your family is too cute, Annie.

RisibleGirl said...

Your grandbaby's smile is so infectious!

I have no doubt in my mind that you were/are a wonderful mother.

Oh, and the chicks? Wow, that would be sooooooooooo tempting!


Andrew Hahn said...

Sounds like good times. I'm tempted by those chicks. I wouldn't mind having a half dozen or so...


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