Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to get motivated to vacuum behind the dryer

Random Thoughts:

1) How to get motivated to vacuum behind the clothes dryer:

spill something dirty behind it. ie potting soil.

2) If I were to build a new house, I would NOT put my dryer off the kitchen or in the middle of the house with no place to vent it.

3) I hate riding the bus, but I guess if I had to, Mexico would be the place.

A little bit of history here:
When this old house was built, in the 1940's, there was no such thing as a personally owned clothes dryer, so it wasn't built with a laundry room in mind.

When it was remodeled in the 1960's, a large room was added to the side. We call this the *Cultural Hall. The existing kitchen which was 5 feet by 8 feet was converted to the laundry room. the existing dining room was converted to a kitchen, and the newly added Cultural Hall became a family room/dining room. The dryer now lives in the center of the house with no place to vent. When we first moved here, the dryer was vented into the basement near the heater. This was remedied eventually when I purchased a small plastic box that holds water from one of those random catalogs you get in the mail. The dryer vents into the water and the dust doesn't go too far. But sometimes I forget to refill the water. When it was vented into the basement, the heater naturally pulled the existing air which contained dryer dust. 23 years later, I still have dust in every room that looks like dryer dust. I have to find a chimney sweep who is willing to come clean my vents.

*The term "Cultural Hall" is in reference to what the room is called in our Church. It is the social place where we have all the parties, wedding receptions, Relief Society dinners, funeral viewings and dinners, and it is a basket ball court. The room is so big in our house, we wondered why they had built a Cultural Hall in the near-by Church.

A disadvantage to having my laundry room right off the kitchen, besides the noise, is the refrigerator sucks the dryer dust into its vents and I am constantly getting under and behind it to vacuum all the coils. If I were to build a new house, I would make sure the dryer has an outside vent and a door that closes it off from the rest of the world.

Anyway, I had placed a tray of peat pots filled with potting soil near the dryer on a shelf, temporarily. When I slammed the dryer door the peat pots fell behind the dryer. That's what I get for being lazy. I should have never placed them there in the first place. I added to my work.

I am packing for my trip to Denver with D2. I didn't realize it was so close at hand until we looked at the calendar last night. I am a week behind and was shocked to see it will be this coming Monday!

Mom is safely back from Mexico. My mom, almost 87 years old, rode down there in a van with some immigrant friends of hers. They stayed with their family and enjoyed the annual carnival that is held in their town, until the swine flu broke out and it was closed down. Then they left the van there for family, and boarded a bus for home. Mom says the bus in Mexico was so roomy and nice with a bathroom, lighted isles, air conditioning, and very comfortable seats. They had to change buses in Texas. The bus from Texas to home, it was not air conditioned, no lighted isles and cramped with the seats much closer together and very uncomfortable. hmmmm that doesn't say much for the US, does it.

Anyway I must get busy with the rest of my work.

have a nice day
PS the lilacs are just coming out. By the time I get home they will all be gone. boo hoo


Alison said...

Ok, your dryer post made me did your sidebar note to lurkers........although I'm not really a lurker as this is my first ...........HI~~

RisibleGirl said...

I'm glad that my dryer is in the garage. I'm not sure I'd vacuum behind it. ;)

I'm glad your mom made it back to the states OK. Sounds like quite a ride, even for someone 1/2 her age!


PS- my word verification is burphsat. I don't know why that makes me giggle!


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