Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In Thee is Gladness

I heard the MoTab* sing this two weeks ago on Music and the Spoken Word, and have continued to sing it in my head. It makes me so happy. I just want to dance when I hear it.
*Mormon Tabernacle Choir

As I have said before, this blog is mostly one I keep like a journal, plus it keeps kids up to date with my coming and going. But sometimes I post something I don't ever want to forget. This song fits that category.

Of course the MoTab sang it much better. They sped up the tempo and sang it much lighter. Which made me want to get up and dance all the more when I heard it. That is accomplishing quite a bit, since the day it was broadcast, I was in the middle of my illness that wiped me out for 10 days.

I *love* that choir.

hope this makes you happy too.


Significant Snail said...

What a lovely piece of music!

Katie @ said...

Ooh I love the bits of piano in the background of the singers especially. Very relaxing, inspiring...


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