Monday, January 5, 2009

Rice Therapy Bags

I got this wonderful idea for Christmas for my college-aged twin nieces on this site. I used Christmas fabric.

I made an inside bag out of muslin and treated the rice with cinnamon for the hot therapy. Then I made a fancy removable cover, so they can wash them. Then I made smaller bags to match. I stuffed them with wheat and lavender for the cold therapy.

Before I wrapped them, I put the finished products in different zip-lock bags so the scent would stay. One is for the freezer, one is for the microwave. These are really wonderful, and scented, I imagine they are even better. We use ours my sister made all the time. They are great for a cold night to warm my feet.

The maker of the pattern even has a link to an Adobe site where you can print beautiful tags to go with it. It went over very well

one warning: Don't use near the microfiber or suede couches. Ours got permanently creases where the hot bag touched the couch. But sheets and quilts are great. Doesn't hurt them a bit.

I hope you find this helpful. What do you think? Leave a comment.
and have a nice day

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