Thursday, October 2, 2008

What kind of clothes dryer do you have?

All summer I have been drying my laundry on the clothesline out back. My dryer doesn't vent to the outside, therefore I cannot use it during the summer. It gets too hot.

My dryer vents to a little box I purchased from those cheap catalogs. The box has water in it that I need to replenish. So if I needed something to look like it didn't need ironing, I would set the dryer on air fluff and would get the clothes looking fairly decent, then hang them on hangers and let them air dry.
This morning it was cooler and I didn't think a little heat in the house would hurt matters, so I took all the things that needed to look less wrinkled and put them in the dryer. I set it on a permanent press which is medium warm and went outside to hang the towels and socks.
Suddenly I heard a piercing noise that sounded like my smoke detector. I hurried inside and sure enough it was.

The dryer had turned itself off and smoke was coming from the door of my dryer.
To make the smoke detector turn off I had to turn on the whole-house fan. Now I am scared to use the dryer. I cannot remember when we purchased this dryer, but it has been at least 10 years or more. (can any of you kids of mine remember when we got it?)

So I am in the market for a dryer, and possibly a washer (I have noticed little round rust spots on some of my clothes which suspiciously suggests the washer is the culprit). I was just wondering, if you *love* your dryer, what brand you have?

Any suggestions?

Pollyanna Post Script: At Least I know my smoke detector works. It has been so long since we made "smoke alarm chicken" that I was not sure if it even worked.

have a nice day


Katie said...

I'm pretty sure you got your washer and dryer the same time you got all of three furniture. because ten years ago makes me a junior in high school. and we had the washer.dryer when i was in middle school...

and i do love my washer/dryer. i have a kenmore brand. it isn't super fancy... just has the nobs. but i LOVE them.

RisibleGirl said...

I love your pollyanna remark. You ARE just like me!

I've found that it just doesn't pay to go cheap with the washer and dryer. We did that two years ago and I hated the way my laundry turned out. We got our Whirlpool duet sport in January and I'm telling you- my clothes are THANKING me for it. The sport is all you need with just the two of you and occasional guests. It's a little smaller than the regular sized (so costs less) but does a bang up job.


juicytomatoes said...

Hi Annie, I just stumbled on your blog... love it!

On the dryer... I have a Kenmore that's 42 years old and still working like a charm. My grandmother passed in '87, the year we were married and it was handed down to us. We decided as long as it was kicking, we would keep it.

I'm not sure if that says a lot for Kenmore or the way things used to be... :)


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