Friday, September 26, 2008

bed time

Its funny how "set in our ways" we get as we grow older. We become creatures of comfort and habit. We prefer the way things are at our own house, and it makes it hard to go visit others.
I remember my grandpa used to always say, "Fish and company stink in three days." That was his excuse to leave and go back to Kansas. I tried to talk him into staying, I loved when they came, but they headed back after just a short visit. Now that I am around his age when he said that, I can understand.
Bedtime has such a routine with so many comforting things involved. For instance, our bed has a memory foam mattress, 400 count Egyptian Cotton sheets, feather pillows, my pillowcase is made of tricot. I love my flannel nighty, which Sailor calls "The Fortress". It is a fortress, in a way, it keeps out the cold, and in the winter I cannot sleep with anything cold blowing on me. The Fortress protects me from the cold. I have several pillows above my head keeping anything from infiltrating from the head.
Our house was built in the '40's and doesn't have very good insulation or windows, so flannel nightys and quilts are really wonderful to have.
The main quilt is a cotton one I made (and received Sweepstakes ribbon at the county fair), and we have two additional flannel quilts I tied. The quilts are folded in half lengthwise so we each have our own personal quilt doubled. We find we don't have as many "cover wars" if we each have our own flannel quilt. Sailor can kick his off and I snuggle deeper under mine.
We *love* our memory foam mattress. It just has a way of sucking you into the bed. When making it, for instance, if I lean in to straighten a pillow in the middle, it makes an imprint where my knee is leaning. One just naturally leans further and before they know it, find themselves trying out the supine position. ahhhhhhh
Our headboard holds only funny books. Sailor always reads to me from something funny. We love Pat McManis, James Harriot, Garrison Keillor, and anything else that makes us giggle before we fall asleep. Life is much too serious already, and we find that if we fall asleep laughing, our dreams are much sweeter.
As Fall arrives and the nights get cooler I find myself getting ready for the winter. The warmth of a comfortable bed and bedding is so important to me.
As I was making it this morning, I was thinking of how humble, yet comfortable our tiny "pretend" master bedroom is. I am grateful for this comfort.


Sailor said...

Hi Friend,
Wow, going to bed sounds sooo good right now. Reading about all that comfort after two graveyard shifts is too much to resist.... it's already 8:30. Sweet Dreams. Sleep well and wake, Dear One.

HiHoRosie said...

I love visiting people but always love the comfort of home and my own bed. And me? I sleep with socks on during the winter. hee hee! I can be dressed in layers and blankets but if my feet are even a tiny bit cold no amount of blankets matter. I need those socks! :)

RisibleGirl said...

I knew the honeymoon was over when BJ stopped laying on my side of the bed to warm it up while I washed my face and brushed my teeth.

So, now we have a heating blanket!

I can't believe my sis sleeps with socks. My feet need to be COLD while the rest of me is warm.

We are all so different aren't we? I guess that's what makes the world go round.


Aldora said...

I totally agree with you there as our room our our pillows Linens washed with the smell that only our drawers have our soft corner.
beautiful quilt
enjoyed meeting your Rex gave him food
I like to know
a hug


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