Monday, June 23, 2008

Amazing weekend Part 1

I cannot post any pictures because I am not on my computer, so my pix are all stuck on my camera. How did Mostly Risible do that while she was in Italy last year?

It seems more like a week ago, but it only was Friday when this started. Sailor and I went up to Salt Lake in the morning. I had my sister with me, so she rode in the back seat. She had been at my house quilting a quilt, and we had so much luggage, we had to put hers beside her, and her quilt was on her lap. Good thing our air conditioner works or that poor lady would have wilted in the back.

We first picked up the U-haul for D2, then drove to her apartment. SIL1 was there and between us all, we started to pack and haul stuff out to the truck. My sisters son and wife showed up and helped as well. And toward the evening the Elder's Quorum came. By the time SIL2 got off the plane and was dropped off my his dad, there was not much to pack. He was so funny, because he showed up, dropped off his duffel bag by the door and went inside. He showed up almost right away with a large box, which apparently the very last one there. He said sheepishly, "I guess I can haul at least one box."

My sister had come several times earlier in the month to help her pack and had done some serious cleaning in the kitchen and laundry room, so there was no serious cleaning to do on this last day. S2 really appreciates this, btw, Sis. After some cleaning, mostly washing walls, baseboards and windows, we were all pretty much exhausted. We had purchased a large bucket of KFC which we munched on as we got hungry. Then S3 and DIL3 showed up to say goodbye. Also SIL2's two sisters and a brother came for a while as well. We all sat on the living room floor and held the baby, played with little Sweet Cheeks, D2's little 2-year-old, and visited. The guitar was tuned and played by SIL2's bro. Then we all wearily left to get some sleep. Sailor stayed at my Sis's house.

Early the next morning, I heard Sailor rustling around. He left by 5:00 or 5:30. SIL2, his brother and Sailor caravaned, one with the U-Haul, one with D2's car and our car and they headed east on I-80 through Wyoming. They arrived in Denver about 11 hours later. For some reason, our car had a problem. He thought it was the fuel pump, which was really depressing, considering we had just helped out S3 with his to the tune of $600. But after calling his brother and letting the car cool down, looking under the hood, like Real Men do (he told me this), they tried a few things, opened the gas cap and put it back on, and it started and ran like a champ. It hasn't given him one bit of trouble, knock on wood. I hope it holds out until we get back home, next week.

D2, Sis and I went together Saturday morning to a very sweet ceremony in her Ward building where Thomas S. Monson himself showed up to speak. It was a 50 year anniversary of the building and they opened a time capsule and put a new one in. More about this later.

Sis went home and D2 and I cleaned the rest of the apartment, put little Sweet Cheeks and baby down for one last nap in the apartment. We loaded the Explorer, generously loaned to us by D1 & SIL1, with all the rest of her belongings and bid the little apartment "goodbye". We headed to SIL2's folks and had a nice visit in their house for about 3 hours.

It was an exhausting day, considering all we did and I was glad to sink back into bed in the evening. We heard from the men-folk along the trail and after they arrived. We are so glad the car is not broken down, and hope and pray for it's miraculous recovery, with no other symptoms.

that's my report on part 1



Sailor said...

"And a good time was had by all...", well, mostly. Even though there is a ton of work in a move, it is kind of nice to have the family all together, working together. This was one of my dad's favorite forms of recreation. Of course he grew up in the Depression and worked in the fields a lot, but it was a treat for him to have the kids come down so that they could all haul hay together. With this kind of fun, you have to do the work to get the blessings.

We don't have those kind of events much anymore. It was good to travel with SIL2 and his brother and get to know them better, outside the social constraints of the 'parlor'.

I am glad you had a good time BF&TC. I can't wait to see you tonight.

HiHoRosie said...

Very busy weekend for sure! What will Part 2 be like?!

Glad the car situation worked out too. YAY!

Nicole said...

Annie, I just wanted to make sure you were still interested in the card swap over at http://www.ourcozynest.blogspot.comIf you are could you please e-mail me ASAP at
Thanks so much!

RisibleGirl said...

Mostly Risible DIDN'T upload her pictures while she was in Italy and it bugged the ever livin' daylights out of her.

NOW I have the stuff that I can download my pics and even email in the car.

Life is good again.

You get some good rest, my friend.



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