Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Money Pit 2008

The house across the street is having all sorts of renovations taking place. They had three contractors there yesterday getting in each other's way. First they had the porch enlarged while they fixed and enlarged the bay window, which has been falling off the house, they say for the last 20 years or so. They are renovating their living/dining room too, putting in all wood floors.
Yesterday they had the landscape people laying pipe for the sprinkling system, another group was chopping down a tree and someone else was putting new siding on.
I wanted to take a picture quickly, because, unlike the movie those contractors are working so fast, they will be done before we know it. They are all such hard workers. It will look so great when it is done. I will update when ready.


1 comment:

Sailor said...

It is good that you recorded all this. They are working at breakneck speed! Yikes! It is fun to see a house get fixed up. It just makes the whole neighborhood a little nicer.


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