Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm Gonna Miss This

This is the greeting I get every time I go to see D2 and her family. Her oldest gets so excited he runs screaming to me, usually says "mmmm" which is his way of kissing me, then he runs back to the video he is watching. He usually does this about 10 times when I first arrive.

They are moving in the next month. I am going to miss them so much. When you get greeted like this, it is so fun to come see them.

We stayed all afternoon, I finished a blanket for their new baby and Sailor played with Sweet Cheeks. We got to visit all afternoon with D2 and before I left I made dinner. It was such a sweet afternoon. I was so happy that Sailor took off work to take me up there, 150 miles.
I went to choir after we left their house.
Here is a slide show of our sweet grandson playing with the fun little-boy-things like roly poly bugs, rocks, dirt, grass, his new trike and the best of all, Grandpa!

I'm gonna miss them so much.



Sailor said...

He is a lot of fun... I have a feeling that he came running just like that when I was asleep on the floor... that was a surprise.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry. And you have the time to enjoy and are such a sweet “grandmom” Not fair.


RisibleGirl said...

How precious is that little video!!!!I can see why you're going to miss that.

He has the sweetest little eyes and lips and is a beautiful little boy.

50 miles seems far away to me. I can't imagine 150.


HiHoRosie said...

Now that's a greeting! How adorable!

Suzanne said...

My mother lives here in the summer and down South in the winter near my sister. We share her and this is the same greeting she gets at each of our houses! Nothing like Grammie love!

Nice to meet you, by the way, I saw your comment on my blog!


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