Saturday, May 3, 2008

Its May! Many Blessings! (or L is for. . .)

L is for Love, (new) Life, Lambs, lilacs, lavender and. . . er well, spring. Well, L is not for Spring, but Spring brings all those L words into play, right?

The above image shows all my children, in-law children and grandchildren. It was so fun to meet at my gracious sister's & bro-in-law's home. We had a great day.

Yesterday we attended SIL3's graduation. We are so PROUD of him. He got his Master's degree in only one year in accounting, while working part time and his wife working full time. He also landed a great accounting job in town that starts in August, they purchased a home and are expecting in August. WAY TO GO!
We met up with his wonderful parents and sister (niece & nephew) & brother (they are SUCH NICE people~lucky D3), watched the graduation and then went out to eat. They picked Applebees, and lo-and-behold, we had a gift card from Christmas, so we had a very hardy meal for only $10 extra plus tip. Thanks MIL(mother-in-law)

May is a wonderful month. The weather is still fickle, its lambing season (I love lambs), lilacs are in bloom. I really love the spring, and especially lilac season. One of my favorite flowers, besides iris and tulips. The violets are growing wild in the grass. They smell so good.

May 1st there was an amazing storm which landed 23" of snow on the Alta Ski resort, so people were still skiing in May. This is something I wanted to record: snow and skiing in May.

Monday I get the privilege of standing to the side while D2 has a C-section. This is something I never even imagined I would get to observe. Of course, I have been present and awake for all 6 of my own children's births, but to be there for a daughter giving birth, even if it is a C-section, and especially if it is a C-section, makes me feel very humble and blessed, at the same time makes me feel awe. Thank You D2 and SIL2. I am very much looking forward to meeting this new, sweet little grand daughter. If she is anywhere close to as cute as her brother, she will be stunning. These two have the right recipe for cute. All my kids seem to have great gene combinations. All the grand children are stunning as is evident in the picture above. I'm a proud grandma (sorry)!


Sailor said...

I think you are on to something....L is for Love makes a lot more sense in May than it does in February. Valentines Day (VD) should be moved to the spring instead of the winter. Ahhhh.... romantic picnics, new flowers. I guess maybe I should be planning some of those now to make up for the many VDays that I forgot. Love you Friend

RisibleGirl said...

Thank you for sending the family pictures with all the names. You have a perfectly lovely family, my friend!



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