Friday, February 22, 2008

My own Bermuda Triangle

I usually love a good mystery, but when it comes to losing stuff in the house, I am not such a big fan. Some lost things find their way back, especially when I am actually looking for something else. That's when they choose to show themselves.

Ever since Christmas I have been missing a fleece blanket. It was a really soft red and green plaid one and during these recent cold months, I have wished I could find it. I have been meaning to write to my children and ask them if perchance they had seen it during the Christmas reunion. I had four of my children, their spouses and a grand child visiting at the time.

I haven't been on my treadmill since the 13th of December, but because I have found all the weight I had previously lost (which is something I never want to find), I decided it was time. Yesterday I did a walk/run interval training on the treadmill. I looked for my clock that usually sits there. I found it in a different room, with the battery removed! What's that? I know I didn't move it.

During my run yesterday, the heat didn't come on. With the exception of looking for the clock, I got along OK. Today the heat did turn on and I needed my fan. I reached over the top of the fan and turned it on. But it felt different, and when I looked, it was different. The one that usually graces the side of my treadmill is a weak-sauce fan. It doesn't oscillate, just has two speeds. The lowest speed is just about right for me. I am just wanting a tiny breeze, sort of like the great outdoors would provide if I were running in a perfectly quiet day. What I found in its place was the larger black oscillating fan. It is made to blow across the room. I stopped the treadmill, and looked around the room, hoping to find it right there. Then I looked in the furnace room. There where the oscillating fan belongs was a blank space, but no ws fan. What could have happened to it?

I just hate when this happens to me.

To further demonstrate how this messes up my day, at this moment, I am still in the middle of my interval training. The treadmill is on hold with the light blinking, asking me to get back on and complete the second half of my workout. But instead, here I am posting a blog on my frustration. I have been looking all over the house, in all the rooms, in cupboards, and closets. No fan. I have looked in places filled with everything but my fan. I have too much stuff. I must de-junk. But that is another story for another day. I have things to do. I will just turn off the main heat in the house until I am done with the exercise and hope in the course of things I will come across it accidentally when I am looking for something else.

Does this happen to other people? I can easily blame it on my company that was here during Christmas, because it was there just before Christmas when I was faithfully running.

But when I blame others, it usually turns out that I find the missing object in mid-tirade. Then a light turns on in my head and I remember moving the offending object, and the reason why I moved it in the first place. grrrr

::sheepish grin:: heh heh

Oh well. While looking I did find the red fleece blanket and a missing walk-man.

'nuf said.

Back to my run.



Sailor said...

Hi Dear Friend, I hope that you found the fan. It is really frustrating - boot strap problems. I wish I knew where the fan might have gone... and hoping that I didn't move it somewhere and TOTALLY forget about it... But I don't have an inkling. Love you.

poopie said...

Just bought myself a new box fan at the Dollar General for white noise when I'm sleeping. Thanks for the visit!

RisibleGirl said...

I completely understand your frustration! I hate it when I lose stuff and usually blame it on BER. He has a habit of borrowing things (like my scissors) and leaving them wherever he used them (usually in the last place I'd ever look.)

Then there's our cleaning service. I swear, those house cleaners find the strangest places to put things!

Of course I would *never* lose anything myself. ;)


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