Thursday, February 28, 2008

Don't try to sell me anything

The other day I made a special trip to the Intermountain Farmer's Association to purchase my most favorite hand lotion. But when I got to the shelf, it was missing. I asked a clerk, and we managed to find a small 2 oz tube. I asked her when it would come in, and as she looked it up, she discovered that it might never come in again!

I was introduced to this stuff when I began to sew wedding dresses. I was worried about snagging the satin with my rough hands. Someone told me to go get some of this Udder Balm. She was specific about looking for the orange, black and white bottle, not any other. It has Lanolin, Aloe Vera and vitamin A, D, & E. It has no scent, it is made for cow's udders and even protects against frost for the poor cow who has to hang out in the cold all the time. It doesn't leave any greasy marks, just is absorbed and causes your rough hands to be very smooth. To make things fancy, I added some wonderful scented hand lotion Anais Anais my sweet Sailor gave me for Christmas one year. It stretches that hand lotion and still can be used when I sew. A seamstress has to feel special too, you know?

I went home terribly disappointed and decided to search online for some. I do a LOT of shopping online lately. I googled dionne udder balm and came up with several sites to choose from, but much to my dismay, I found that site after site either discontinued it, said it wasn't available any longer, had some available but for twice the price or tried to substitute it for something else. I was beginning to panic when I finally found a site in Louisiana that gave an 800 number and instructed the buyer to call for availability. I was beginning to resolve to pay any price, just to get some more. This is essential for my sewing business!

The kind man answered and said he thought he could put together a case for me. He even gave me a case discount price! To top things off, the shipping was really very reasonable. He explained that "we are in a world of hurt, and have no where to turn," explaining that this company has gone out of business and there is not another product on this earth that replaces it! Another company is trying to buy the rights to the formula so they can take over. I have no idea why this other one went out of business. I breathed great deep big sighs of relief when I hung up. I am glad I got another chance to stock up before I am completely out of luck.

But this is not the first time I have been so sold on a product that I felt life as we know it wouldn't continue if it was discontinued and it has. It seems like when I find a product that I love, eventually it is discontinued. I don't know whether to call it bad luck, a curse, or what, but this has happened many times in my life!

I am almost afraid to declare my feelings for a product I love, for fear I will accidentally put a jinx on the business.

So if you are a Tupperware dealer, or whatever, don't target me for your sales. If I find something I cannot live without, not only will that item be discontinued, the whole company may go out of business. It is just my luck! How frustrating.

Kind of makes me afraid to declare my absolute devotion and love, (the kind I cannot live without) about my sweet Sailor! Don't be discontinued please, Sailor just because I cannot live without you! OK?


Sailor said...

Ah yes, and don't forget the apple flavored kool aid.

Well, Dear Friend, I will try not to be discontinued.... but that applies to you as well. We are in the Lords hands, and if he knows when a sparrow falls, he knows when it is our time to be discontinued.


Andrew Hahn said...

That stinks that it's being discontinued... you'd think the cows would still need it.

Grandma Cebe said...

After you exhaust your supply of "Udder Balm", you might want to try a product called "Bag Balm". It comes in a square green tin. I discovered it when we lived in Park City. It did wonders for dry, cracked, winter feet and heels. It does have a bit of an odor.

Also, you can buy Tupperware online - you probably knew that. They make a small plastic cup with snap on sippy lids that are great to have on hand for grandkids to use. They are one of those things that I hope never get discontinued.

RisibleGirl said...

What? There's apple flavored koolaid? I'm a koolaidaholic (fruit punch being my evening drink)and I LOVE apple juice. (responding to your husband's comment by the way!)

I know what you mean about discontinued stuff. I fell in love with (shoot, I can't think of what they're called- but they were made by syran wrap and looked like little shower caps). When they were discontinued, I was REALLY sad! I never used them just once, either. I always washed and reused.

Well, another company started making them and I found them in the store the other day. I made an audible gasp of delight and put 5 boxes of them in my cart. I felt silly about hording so put three of them back before checking out- but I'm SO happy now with my two boxes of shower caps in my foil/syran wrap/baggie drawer.

Annieofbluegables said...

oh yes, Sailor, Apple Koolaid, I forgot that one.
Yes RG there once was Apple Koolaid. Why oh why would they discontinue that???? And it was soooo good! You showed great restraint to put some back, I bought all the Bengal Spice Celestial Seasoning herb tea off the shelf when I saw it last. mmmmm love it.

MM~i have some of those sippy tw's. the udder balm is not greasy. I have never seen anything like this that you can touch white satin afterwards and not leave a mark.

Andrew~yeah! What about the cows???? so sad. And I just discovered they sell it by the bucket! I should have purchased that. . .grrr

thanks for the comments.


Anonymous said...

Do not dismay about your orange/black label udder balm. You can find it at What you will have to get used to is the new blue label with a cow.

Same exact forumula but two different labels. Yes, the original company that made it closed and no longer makes anything, but the new company has taken over the udder balm. No changes, except for the label.

Tell your local stores to call them and get it back on the shelves! Save yourself shipping!

As for bag balm, you can try it but it is like nite and day from Udder Balm... it is a petroleum based product, where udder balm is not.


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