Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stick a fork in me. . . I'm done

I mentioned that my Post-Wedding Resolution was to exercise. By Wednesday night and I hadn't gotten there yet.
Bear with me as I explain:
My treadmill is downstairs because it is so LARGE, it doesn't fit anywhere else. The Girl's Room spans the width of the house, so there was room when the three girls lived there for three beds AND a couch. Eventually we moved one of the beds upstairs in the office and removed the couch, so there is more room now. I have set it up so I can watch a television and videos. I like to tape episodes of Sewing With Nancy and some Oprah shows when I cannot watch them in the daytime, then the next morning when nothing is on, I can watch my favorite things as I jog.
I have been in the groove before where I cannot miss a day of exercise, but since about June when we went to Taiwan to pick up our Missionary son from his Mission, my life has been one of constant activity that pulled me away from my exercise. I know, I know, that is really no excuse. But before I left for Taiwan I had been very regular for about a month and I had lost 12 pounds. Well, let me say right here folks, I found them again, plus a few that someone else lost. I am miserable. Seeing people around me losing weight, and being the one who found their weight is no fun, but it is inspirational. My cute DIL-2 and her husband S2 wanted money for Christmas last year so they could get their treadmill fixed. And she began to exercise every day. Pretty soon she was going faster and faster, and finally a friend coaxed her into coming outside and jogging with her. They began to set goals to run a 5K, then a 10K and finally a half a marathon. I am in such awe of her for accomplishing that and not letting vacations or other interruptions get in her way. Just a week before the big event, she injured a limb. I cannot remember if it was her knee, ankle or shin, but she went to physical therapy and got it in shape before the race and completed it. Her dear husband surprised her with a Serger after the race. She is an amazing seamstress and really deserves to have one.
In the mean time, she also lost 35 pounds and comfortably fit back into her wedding dress. This is such an inspiration to me. My other daughter, D2 has also lost weight, 25 pounds, but through a different way. She got her tonsils out and was so sore for awhile that she didn't eat much but liquids, when she finally got back onto solids, she couldn't taste anything. All the sweets that she loves tastes bitter. So she eats a little bit of the treats, but cannot finish it. Both girls have discovered they are pregnant as well.
Anyway my point is I want to get back to where I feel better. Tonight I had a tiny bowl of soup and a roll and piece of cake and I don't feel well. I had to drink a lot of water and chew on a Maalox to just settle things. When I eat any carbohydrates I feel awful. I have to get back to fruits and vegetables and small portions of meat. I feel so much better when I do.
So here is how my progress went.
Monday: Set the bottled water by the steps, which is in the laundry room. Notice that I had washed but not dried some laundry. Pulled laundry out of washer, sniffed. Still smelled good, since I used that wonderful Tide with lavender to release stress. Ran that out to the clothes line, notice the cat needed feeding and watering. Hung wash, went back inside. Noticed the table needed some things brought to the kitchen, picked that up, glanced at the laundry room and my bottled water, oh yes, exercise. Head to the laundry room, notice more stuff needs to be washed. Pull sheets off one bed and start another load. NOW head downstairs. The treadmill had been tucked way into a corner with other things in front to accommodate company that came a while ago. I think for the June Homecoming for my son. Remove old school desk and blankets piled on it. Put blankets away, move desk, move mattress and take to other room. Make that bed. Phone rings. I grab the phone and head upstairs to talk, since this phone doesn't work as well. Sit by the computer as I talk. When I hang up, I have forgotten about the downstairs. I am at the computer making sure the notes I took for the Choir Board meeting are disbursed to all the Board members so they can approve them tomorrow in our meeting. That took up a good part of the day. I also got distracted with Ebay, blogs, and email as I sat there. Before I knew it, the day had passed and I saw my husband drive up. Yikes what happened to the day?
Husband and I are sitting in the Living room. We are contemplating making soup when a nephew calls from about 1 1/2 hours away and says he is heading through our town for a business trip, can he stop by? We make soup and biscuits, and he arrives later. We eat together and invite him to spend the night. He accepts. I remake his bed with the fresh sheets I have just pulled off the line. I notice the light on downstairs in the "Exercise Room", and hurry downstairs and turn the light off. So much for Monday.
Tuesday: Nephew is a very friendly sort and we talk for quite some time before he is launched, only to go to his room and find his coat, call him and meet him outside with the coat. Back inside. I strip the sheets from his bed and start another batch of laundry. Take the last load out, separate the towels and sheets from the things I want dried in the drier. Start washer and dryer, head outside to hang wash. Kitty needs more food and water. . .Back inside I decide TODAY I will WILL start my exercise. I head downstairs only to realize my exercise clothes are upstairs. Back upstairs I go. Grab the clothes, phone rings. Lay clothes at top of stairs. Chat on the phone for a bit. Here is my downfall. I sit at the computer while I talk and pretty soon I am on the internet. Realize I have much to do before I head up to choir practice. Run around packing stuff and finally get in the shower. As I walked past the laundry room to take my stuff to the car, I glanced down at the floor by the stairs. There sat my work-out clothes. hmmmm well, I got a little closer. Yesterday I got the treadmill found from behind stuff. Today I got my clothes. I guess I am making progress.
Wednesday: I am usually so wiped out from the long trip to choir and getting home at midnight, Wednesdays are usually WIPE OUT Days. But that is not permitted when I have a HomeFamily&PersonalEnrichment Night (Relief Society or Homemaking for all you traditional folks). My Leader calls and wants me to meet her there. We go set the tables and decorate them. It is now about 3pm. I have to make soup for the shindig still. I notice my clothes still waiting for me at the top of the stairs. I say to them: "Stop Nagging ME!" and turn away and ignore them.
Now it is Thursday evening. This morning I got up and noticed the clothes still there. I had other things to do as well. I was still cleaning up boxes used for the reception and other various tail ends that needed finishing. I got all the laundry off the line yesterday and it still was there on the washer. Hmmm. My house is not enchanted with house fairies who come and complete stuff I forgot. I had grabbed a blanket off one bed to show at RS. It is a quilt I had made and we had show and tell last night. It still sat in the Living room rocking chair where I deposited it last night. I decide it is time to make beds. I grab all the sheets fresh from the line and take them to their beds. I keep watching the clock. I had started downstairs at 8:30 to exercise. I will be done for sure by 9:30. By the time I actually got downstairs it was 10. Then I had to pull that hefty machine away from the wall and set up my TV which I had borrowed and brought upstairs to watch while I sewed the wedding dress in the dining room, and just deposited there when I was done.
So folks, You will be happy to know (and for the sake of having to read this long post) I did actually exercise today. All that for 30 minutes. Then I got on line and went to SparkPeople and found some core videos and some strength training videos all posted on UTube. I did 15 minutes of core training and 15 of strength training. And now it is 6 in the evening.
This is the first day of actual exercise since way back when. My body is really not happy with my enthusiasm, even though I really took it easy. But the hard part? I have to do this again tomorrow. I know it will take awhile to get used to and get into the groove, but I tend to argue with myself and put it off, like I have in the past. If it took me 4 days to get down there for the first time. . . How long will it take me tomorrow?
Wish me luck, urge me on, I am posting this because I want encouragement and someone to report to. So check up on me, please and give words of encouragement. It takes 3 weeks to form a habit and this is one I want for the rest of my life.
As my choir director says: "Onward and Upward"

and on we go


RisibleGirl said...

No.... *I* found those 15 lbs. It's so darned depressing! I've quit exercising (can't remember why) and it shows.

At least I've kicked the dark chocolate M&M kick I was on. :)

Girl, it seems that you get a lot of unintentional exercise in. Your schedule exhausts me!

Sailor said...

Hi Dear Friend,
I know that we have been busy, but when you write it all down - wow, it has been crazy. Full of blessings, to overflowing. You are my best blessing. I love you Annie!

Annieofbluegables said...

Don't you hate when you find someone else's lost pounds? No,I don't think we ever remember why we quit, it just gets put by the wayside and you don't realize it until those blasted pounds seem to take up residence and try to make it a permanent home.

You are my reason for living. I love you as well.


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