Saturday, November 17, 2007


I have gone two days, doing my exercise. My abs already feel the pain. This is good.

Yesterday we raked leaves. I was in the process of breaking the twigs into kindling. It sort of hurt my knees to break them over my knee, so I used a post in the new shed my husband is building. I was putting the twig on the other side of the post and pulling, until the post came lose and conked me on my head. I saw stars and now have a goose egg where that post hit me. Apparently my sweet husband temporarily propped that post up and hadn't put braces on the top to secure it to the shed. All the rest are secured and I didn't realize this one was not. That sort of put a kibosh on my helping for the day. I got a goose-egg and applied an ice bag. It caused a giant-sized headache, but it is already down with minimal bruising, just a nice long blue line where the corner of the post hit me squarely.

Sweet Sailor felt so bad. After tending to me, he got back to cleaning the back yard and poured the last of the cement for that shed. We will have a wonderful place behind the shed and out of sight to store all the garden tools and the wood. I am so excited to make a place for everything. This is something his dad always had said. "A Place for everything and Everything in it's place."

Since S3 came home from his mission, and we knew he would be broke, we hired him to paint the house and shed. Painting the shed involved moving stuff away from its walls, which has been there since we moved here 21 years ago. He moved it onto our back patio. It is amazing how much stuff can be stored against a tiny shed! Poor Sailor has spent the remainder of the summer and fall trying to sort through, throw, cut up wood and basically "find" our patio again. Just before the wedding, he found most of it. Most of the stuff was old wood, some railroad ties and other wood. He has sawed most of it up and stacked the remainder of dimension wood in an orderly pile, away from the shed, near the garden and out of sight from the house.

Recently several tube leaks at work have caused him a great deal of overtime, so we have enough to finally buy that wooden fence we have been wanting. Sailor has been working on the sprinkler system and has a beautiful vegetable garden. I work on the flowers. I wish I had a better sense of landscape architecture. But I am excited about the progress we have been making.

And speaking of progress, now I must get on that treadmill, so I can make progress in this strength training, weight loss, and fitness. Wish me luck.

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RisibleGirl said...

I'm so proud of you with the exercise! Yay! I think I'm just not going to put the pressure on myself to start that back up until
A: I'm healthy
B: After the holidays (whichever comes first)

I'm going to keep on eating healthy (over two weeks since any sugar- yay for me!)

Now, for the bonk on the head- be careful with that, ya hear ?



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