Friday, May 11, 2007


I have amazing children. Have I mentioned this before? Three of them have graduated cum laude, that is pretty amazing, I think. This last weekend, we attended our daughter's husband from U of U in Accounting. He graduated cum laude. He has been accepted into the Masters program now. We are so proud.
Our first experience of a college graduation from college, was actually a future daughter-in-law, Jenny. She was Mike's fiance. We got to meet her parents for the first time. He actually proposed to Jenny at dinner in front of her parents just before graduation. She majored in music composition. She plays violin beautifully and has taught violin as well. She amazes us constantly.
The next graduation was our first born, Mike. He graduated in Civil Engineering. Next was Caren, our second acquired daughter-in-law got her degree in Humanities. Again a cum laude. She now stays home and raises three little ones. She is an amazing homemaker. We were so proud. Then Andrew was next in Graphic Design. All four graduated from BYU. Last year, Conor, Katie's husband graduated in Accounting from Westminister and is preparing for his LSAT's.
Two of my own daughters graduated with an associate degree, Katie from UVSC and Julie from Snow College. But neither wanted to go through the ceremony. Julie was cum laude as well. Julie went on to get her Medical Assistant degree. She is amazing. Then my other daughter Becky, graduated from Cosmetology school, Paul Mitchell, the School. She works as assistant manager now in a beauty shop. I love going up to see her and getting my hair cut. We are so proud of her. I have at least two, possibly more who will graduate from college, Becky's husband Travis is working his way through school, and when Daniel gets home from his mission, he will start school. Katie has applied to nursing school and there will be much celebration when she gets her degree.
It is so fun to be a parent, when you have such amazing children as I do. I cannot help but brag on them all.
But most importantly, I thank God every day, for giving me such fine young people to raise and love. I cannot believe my luck.

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