Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Part II

Today we celebrate Father's Day. 
The next dad that comes to mind when I say "Father" is the dad to my children, my husband, Sailor. 

I am grateful for a wonderful husband who is the best example of a father that I have ever known.

From the time the nurse laid our first-born son in his arms, he has been an active father in our children's lives. That baby fit so perfectly in his arms, he looked like he had held babies all his life. After we brought our son home, Sailor was a bit envious of me because I was nursing and bonding with this newborn. So he went to the store and purchased some rice cereal and some pureed baby food. His choice was Blueberry Buckle. When he was in charge, usually when I was sleeping, he mixed up a batch of this pureed food with some rice cereal and formula for extra flavor and nutrients. By the time I found out what he had been doing, it was too late. That baby was no dummy, he figured out who provided the tastiest vittles. By the time he was a month old, our son rejected me as I was trying to nurse. Needless to say, I laid down the law on the next child, but that didn't discourage my husband.

He continued to be active in raising our children. From feeding to changing diapers, reading bed time stories to taking them on piggy-back rides, from escorting his daughter the first year she was presented as a new cheerleader to fixing their cars, he was always present in their lives and still is.  The children call him all the time for advice on fixing cars or making a favorite meal with the Dutch Ovens.

He has become a wonderful grand father now. He plays with his grand children, takes them for rides in his truck, plays with "Grandpa's tools" with them in the back of the truck, and other endearing activities. The grand children call him to talk, and one likes him to video chat, and asks him to bring his dinosaur to make it roar. We have a toy dinosaur that roars when you press a button, and every time one grandson calls, he wants to hear and see the dinosaur. He built a sail boat so he could lure them into coming to take a ride and go fishing and camping with him.

A funny thing, that first son honored his dad when his first-born daughter was ready for advanced solid foods, they asked him to give her the first bite of Blueberry Buckle.

It has been a fun 36 years, being married to him. He sets a tone of love and kindness in the home. And there is always a gleam in his eye with a new joke or way to tease.

He works hard in the garden and yard, and makes the home a peaceful happy place to reside.

Happy Father's Day, Sweetest Friend. You are the BEST!!!



Julie said...

He is the best. Love you dad!

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