Friday, May 7, 2010

Aksel Christopher

Dear Newest Grand Baby,

You don't know how much I already love you. But I do. For some reason little grand children just wrap me around their littlest fingers and hold on tight.

I had no idea how affected I would be by grand children, but they certainly have attached themselves to my heart strings.

When I had my second child, that would be your daddy, I wondered if I could love him as much as the first one. Would there be room? How would the first son feel about him. Would he feel less loved?

Somehow in a mother's heart, there is always room. In fact the heart makes room, and grows. So by the time I had my sixth sweet child, I knew there would always be more room. Now you make number 15 in the grandchildren department and number 27 in a mudda's heart. This counts all my children, their spouses and all the grand children. Plus your grandpa of course, so that makes 28. Grandpa has a very special place in my heart. I cannot believe how very fortunate I am with all these amazing people who have surrounded my life.
So you come into this world and into loving arms and a wonderful home.

Your mother and dad are kind and righteous people and have made their home a peaceful place.You also have such wonderful brothers and sisters who already just love you to pieces. They had so much fun holding you in their arms that first day you were born, and it was so fun for this grandma to watch their delight. Each one of them is one of the most special people you could ever wish to have as siblings. They will grow up with you and I am certain they will remain close and have a special bond with each other and you.

How special it is that you have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your life already? That your parents will raise you in a home filled with the Spirit of Christ. You will learn how to pray and worship from the start.

I think you are in for a wonderful ride, Aksel. And I hope I get to be around close enough to watch all the sweet stages of your life. I am so happy you are safely here, dear child.

much love,
Your Grandma

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Sailor said...

That was a nice post, Friend. It really is surprising how much they change our lives and don't realize they are doing it.


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