Sunday, March 14, 2010

Citrus Vinegar

We bought a box of oranges from a Water Polo team fund raiser. Basically we have not even moved them from the living room, where we grab one or two, peal and eat them any time we wish.

They are really delicious.

I decided to make some citrus vinegar.
I've made raspberry vinegar, which I use in my broccoli salad.

So I decided to try citrus.

Cut thin slices of oranges, limes and lemons. Curl to fit into small neck of vinegar bottle.
put as many as looks nice. Arrange with chopstick
add regular old white vinegar to top
and there you have it.
 It tastes great in many dishes.
I love it for salads.

Plus it is just pretty on the counter top, doncha think? 

have a great day


Suzanne said...

Oh goodness -- those look so good. The vinegar looks incredible too. Yum!

Ann said...

Thanks so much for your fun and very special blogs.I love reading them. We will be arriving there in June. I have a class reunion then. We had a ball at the last one.
I am looking forward to seeing you then. Actually, I CAN`T WAIT!!
I don`t answer all my mails, the volume is more than I can handle, but I do read all of them.
And I love yours. Thank you for your sweet friendship. I value it highly.
Please also give my love to your husband.


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