Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I have gratitude so often in my heart, but sometimes I don't express it enough. That said, I would like to express that gratitude:

  • First for my friend Bowbie. She used to coach my two youngest children in Swimming and Water Polo. She was one of the most positive people I know. She didn't allow cheating or underhanded things to go on during the meets. Believe me, there is a LOT of underhanded things happening in Water Polo. The very first time I witnessed a WP event, my youngest daughter, J, was on the team. She is just a wisp of a girl, very slender and tall, but not much meat on her body. She was being guarded by a. . . well, how do you put it gently. . . lets just say she was exact opposite of my J. I could have fit three of J side by side next to this girl, well maybe just two, but she was formidable. As I stood there watching, this girl took J by the swimsuit and pulled her under. Just like that. I watched in horror, holding my breath, I guess in sympathy, and maybe to see if she was in need of assistance. Finally she came up, grabbed a breath and down she went again. After she came up for the third time, with my heart absolutely stopping in horror that I would witness my daughter being drown, I began to holler at the ref: "Watch number 9, she is drowning my daughter!" "Hey! HEY! HEY! YOU THERE, NUMBER 9, STOP THAT!" Pretty soon the whole spectator group was hollering at the ref. Finally he blew a whistle and called something on that stupid girl. I was about ready to climb over the railing and do a high dive from the bleachers into the water with all my clothes on to save J. The other coach flipped us off!!!  Meanwhile Bowbie called a time out and talked to the group. I don't know if it was about this incident, but later J told me that Coach had told them not to cheat. Everything must be above board. When my daughter told me of that talk, I almost cried. I was so ready to just kill this girl, and that sweet Coach Bowbie was applying Gospel principles to the game. 

Lately I just discovered her Blog. She had made a comment on my blog and told me she had a surprise for me. She gave me an award. (see sidebar)

I am not sure of the significance of the words Ultimate MeMe Award, but the words she said about me were very humbling and touching. Thanks Bowbie. You are a sweetheart and I love you.

  • Next, I'm grateful for family. Last week, my second oldest daughter, Kt came to visit. It was one of the COLDEST weeks I have ever experienced and I am sad we didn't get to take her and her cuuuuuuttttte little children to the park to see the lights. Our tiny town has such a fun display of lights at Christmas.I might have to get Sailor to go and take some night shots so we can share them with her children.

    Kt made us chicken pot pies. YUM. She has become such a great cook. When she was young, she loved to make cookies and to this day, I cannot ever come close to the delicious factor she reaches. I use the exact same recipe, but my cookies are NEVER as good. Thanks Kt. You are so sweet. It was so fun to love your children and play with them.

    The three year old is such a cute little guy. I love how he plays. He discovered our Christmas tree revolved. He discovered how to turn it on, and was so sweet to ask every time if it could go around and around. The first time I realized he had figured it out, he had asked, and I went over to flip the switch, but he had beaten me to it and was starting to play. I have a playschool manger scene in front of the tree, and he had taken all the figures and placed them on the tree.

    I hadn't decorated much, Sailor and I had put up the tree with the lights, and some ribbon and bows, plus some sparkly pine cones, but that was it. Now my tree is graced with all the members of the manger scene, and some random stuffed animals. I can't bear to take them off. Some of the participants are well hiden. I haven't seen the Baby Jesus, as often as I have stared at the tree. I've seen Mary, Joseph, shepherds, sheep, Wise Men, even the little palm trees that go on each side of the stable. It is like washing off the little finger prints from a window.
     He plays so cute. Look at all those little toys lined up in a row.

    Her youngest has the most beautiful blue eyes. She helped her mommy with the pies. she would press the cookie cutter into the dough and say "Did It!"

     Look at that cute little bum!

    It was very cold outside.

    Last, but not least, I want to express gratitude for all the grandchildren. This little guy is our newest edition. Such a beautiful little boy. He reminds me of his dad. Look at all that hair!  I am constantly in awe of the parents of these beautiful grandchildren, (my children and their spouses)  
    Looking at this tiny baby, I can't help but think of our Lord and Savior, born in a Stable, laid in a manger. I feel a great amount of awe towards His parents.  I am grateful for the Love our Heavenly Father has for us, to send his Son. 
    May you have a blessed and wonderful Christmas, dear reader. 

    *:·-:¦:-·:**MERRY**:·.-:¦:-·:* *CHRISTMAS**:- -:¦:-·:* 

    The Lord has two homes: Heaven and a Grateful Heart. ~Thomas S. Monson


    Dana said...

    Much to be grateful for indeed.

    Merry Christmas!!

    The Stanworths said...

    Oh I can not tell you how much your words meant to me!!! This made me smile and cry, I Remember that day like it was yesterday, that was so hard for me to do but I so did not want to be the "Dirty Team" I knew my kids had skill and that is how I wanted them to play...With Skill!!! I would always say "Play the game not the people!" and "We dont play Dirty because we don't have to, and the people who play Dirty don't know how to play!!!" I miss my kids and I will hold the memories of them tight right next to my heart!
    Wishing you the most Fantastic Christmas ever!!!
    Love always,

    Kay Dennison said...

    You have a lot to be grateful for!!!! What glorious blessings you have!

    And yeah, I know about water polo. Both my kids played and my son was all state.

    Sailor said...

    Hi Friend,
    That was a nice post. Love you

    Anonymous said...

    Wonderful post -- Life is filled with events that teach us -- I grateful to know you -- you are such a sweet spirit! Have a Very Happy New Year!


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