Thursday, October 8, 2009

Roller Coaster Ride

What is it about dreams? They are disturbing sometimes, especially when you awaken and remember the troubling details vividly. Analyze for me, will you?

::dream harp music::

We are standing by our front door.
Sailor, my hubby, is waiting for his carpool ride. When it arrives, he turns to me and asks, "wanna come?" True to my nature of not liking being left behind, I grab a poncho (I don't own a poncho, but in this dream, I made it), the camera and bag. In the bag besides the camera are two kinds of perfume: Sunflowers and Estee. Oh and I still have my long white flannel night gown.

We get to work, and somehow I lose the people I rode with. I end up getting on some sort of roller coaster. Assuming it will take me back to my hubby, I get on, trying to find him. We go on quite a ride. I meet people who comment on my poncho, and I show them how I made it myself. I lined it with a re-purposed white sweater. Ha ha ha ha. I can hardly believe my imagination. Btw, I would never do that.

When the roller coaster comes to a halt, we have been as high as 3 stories and are now back down to ground level, but we are also back to the starting point and no Sailor. Where now? I get out and start retracing my steps to find out how I had gotten to this place in the first place. Suddenly a completely different roller coaster comes along. It stops and I get onto it. This one takes me in different places this time. I don't find Sailor and realize that I am really on the wrong one, so somewhere along the line, in the middle of the ride, I get off and begin to walk down the tracks to retrace my steps, hopefully to find Sailor. This time a third roller coaster comes along and I have to jump aside to let it pass. These roller coasters look more like a high speed a commuter train.

I find myself getting deeper and more lost as I try to retrace steps and find my way out of the guts of this building that seems to have no openings to where Sailor works. There are only tracks that take you on endless stomach-fluttering highs and lows like a roller coaster.

All the while, I am still in my long white flannel night gown. I realize that on one of the trains I have left behind my poncho and my camera bag with the perfume inside. So as I am trying to find my hubby, I am also retracing my steps looking for the lost items and asking everyone I see if they have any lost and found items turned in.

When I wake, I realize I never found Sailor or any of the missing items.

At this point, when I woke up, I got up and wondered around the house, disturbed by the contents of this dream. After I get a drink of water, I shuffle back to bed and pick the dream back up where it left off, except this time I begin to write about it in my blog, so the next time I wake, I still remember the first dream and the second one as well.

This is so bizarre. How would you interpret this dream? Am I running too fast, taking on too much in my life? Why am I still in my nighty? Not prepared? What about the lost items I never recover? Chime in, what do you think? And why did I remember this one, but don't remember others?

Well, off to the Gala for our choir, then to a hotel for the night, then the Manti Temple for Friday. Life is good


Sailor said...

Oh my, I haven't heard about this dream. And I wouldn't know where to start to analyze it. I don't get much out of Isaiah either. I guess that I had better never fail to wish you sweet dreasms as we drift off to sleep. That sounds like Bizzaro World. Love you much

ZB said...

I miss having the time to delve into this. It is really full of all sorts of things… I am curious to hear what people come up with… I so seldom remember my dreams any more, but I love the ones that continue… I feel something is really trying to get your attention, sub conscious… It is screaming all sorts of things, too busy, chaos… It sounds like my life. I SO identify with your dream! HA! Except I would-a like one of them pertty white flannel nightgowns! HA! Actually I love the velour ones too, I have 3 that are ancient, and just beginning to wear out. My other co worker benefited from the ice pack today.. I bought an eye one with lavender that straps onto your face. It feels so good. This company does foot warmers and all sorts of things. You could top all of theirs! Unfortunately they do not have a web site, but I will include their little card…

I have so much to do. More later, let me know what people say, ok??

jennycooks said...

Hi Annie,

I left a comment on your post about receiving blankets and I then realized you may not notice it if your comments do not get emailed to you.

Thank you for sharing your pattern for flannel receiving blankets - I have been searching online for the past two days for that exact pattern! I am not an expert sewer however, and I was wondering if you have any spare time, if you could go into more step by step detail of how to make this blanket. I would really appreciate your knowledge on this topic -


Jenny Cook

Suzanne said...

My summation:

Life events (3 different roller coasters) and life's ups and downs are getting in the way of the important relationships in your life.

You want to be able to "smell the roses" (camera & perfume), but somehow that ability to do so gets left by the wayside as you traverse the complexities of life.

I think the poncho is a "shield" of some sort -- probably to help "shield" you from life's ups and downs. It gets left too because we all must pass through trials. The fact that you made the poncho is interesting, but don't we all conjure up "shields" to protect us from life's difficulties?

Love the fact that you are wearing a long white nightgown or dress and that you continue to plug along the tracks to get to that final destination. I would imagine that final destination would be: Sailor and where he is. I don't think I need to spell out the significance of a long, white dress and where Sailor's final destination.

Back to reality now: I rarely remember dreams and I've certainly never had one as vivid as this one. There are certainly a lot of nuances in it!

By the way, these are just ideas -- I'm not an expert here. ;o)

Suzanne said...

One of the parts that I found interesting in your dream is that even though you were on the roller coaster and later "dodging them" ;o) -- you never seemed frantic about it. You would just keep plugging away on that track getting to where (and who) you knew you would be safe and sound. I don't think of this dream as something negative -- like you are lost. Rather I think it says a lot about how well you traverse and deal with unexpected situations in life. You seem to be able to dodge the bullets of life -- or roller coasters -- and keep on truckin'! ;o)

Singing if front of 500!!! Yeah, that would give me a nightmare too! ;o)


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