Monday, August 31, 2009

Raising the Bar

This morning I received a Pay it Forward gift from Heidi who writes Pottery and Everything Else. She was the one who gave me the idea to try it on my blog.

*by the way, I still have three openings if anyone wants to follow the rules.*

Today her gift arrived in the mail.

Can I just say OH MY GOSH!? I really didn't expect so much. I don't really know what I expected, but I was so surprised at what I got. It felt like Christmas! And I don't even know this sweet person who took so much time for me.

Now the people who signed up for my Pay it Forward are going to expect more. And frankly, I think I will have to do more. I am still working on the two people who signed up in the first place, but now I am going to have to add some more things. I will take a page from Heidi's book and make it my own. What a sweet example to me. She doesn't know how much she made me feel like a Queen for a day.

Not only did she send me a hand made thing, it was a BEAUTIFUL handmade thing. It was a doll quilt with a beautiful label on the back and a place to hang it. The quilting is just beautiful.

She asked me my favorite colors and I told her purple, and purple is what I got.

But that was not all. She also sent me a quilting magazine and 5 fat quarters of pretty fabric.

And a very lovely note telling me how much she loves reading my blog. I was so touched. Now I want to go meet Heidi.

I want to meet you Heidi.

She blogged on it, but I missed that post. But that is not all, the other day I won second prize of a giveaway she was hosting. She emailed me and asked if I wanted the purple checkbook cover to match the quilt she had just sent. That is when I found out what I was getting. I explored her flickr account and looked at this beautiful quilt that was coming my way.

And this morning it arrived. I just have been marveling over it all day. Heidi, you are a very cute woman with such a big heart and fabulous talent. I feel so honored. Thank you!


these darn allergies. . .

:blink blink::


::bottom lip quivering::

thanks Heidi.



Suzanne said...

Wow - It WAS a beautiful handmade thing! You lucky duck!

Heidi said...

**sniff** now stop that sniffing, you are going to make me cry now. Oops to late ;)

You are quite welcome, Annie! I really enjoyed making the quilt for you. I think your dolls will be nice and toasty warm with their new blankie.

Next time I am in the west, I will give you a call ;)

Anonymous said...

What a nice gift!

I was reading through your travelling blog. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I so wish I could visit more often or even live in Taiwan. It was nice to read about your experience.


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