Saturday, August 29, 2009

McGuckin Hardware

Whenever I go to Boulder Colorado, I have to include a trip or two to McGuckin Hardware. It is the neatest hardware store in the World. And I am not a person who likes to loiter in a hardware store.

If it isn't found in McGuckin, then you don't need it.

It doesn't matter what you need, they have it. Their isles are filled with people in green vests just waiting to help you. Every single isle has at least two people waiting to help.

I hear they treat their employees very well and their benefits are great. You can tell, because every time you go there, you can see the same people working in their same isles. And they are always happy. Some have made this their life-time job.

All of the employees treat you as though you are their only customer. They will personally walk you to the item you are looking for. I am not good with square feet, the website says it has a 60,000+ square foot sales floor. I think that is at least a city block. It is at least as big as a WalMart. Maybe not one that has the groceries. But it seems that large. The isles labeled in green numbers or letters on the floor 1,2,3, etc and A,B,C for longitude and latitude.

I usually try to come up with an excuse to run over to McGuckins on about the first day I am there.

They have an excellent help center with wonderful workers who are willing to do anything from changing batteries to fixing things and supplying the screws or what ever item is needed in the store, then only charging for the item they replaced.

It has over 200,000 items and 18 departments.
The workers have much knowledge in their field. In the garden center, the worker who helped me had full knowledge about all the plants and gave instructions on how to plant it and care for it.

I have found every section has the same knowledgeable people. They are very helpful and care about every person who walks through their doors. When I get frustrated about not finding something in my town, or sometimes in my state, I get online and see if McGuckin has it.

The last time I was there, I found an environment shopping bag that said: "I usually leave this bag in my car." I thought it was so funny and decided to buy it, and asked a worker how much it was. He searched for another one to compare prices and having found none, he went to the computer. I waited and looked around and waited. Finally he came out and said, I didn't find the price, but I will give you the "I-made-you-wait-too-long discount" then he quoted me a price that was about a dollar cheaper than any other environment bag available.

This last picture shows the perspective of how large this business is. And I am only taking this from about the middle of the store, not from one end to the other.

It has an interesting history, I quote from the website:

"In The Beginning

It all began in 1955 when our company’s namesake, a rugged, avid fisherman named Bill McGuckin, opened the doors of McGuckin Hardware. Employing four people in four departments, his success was based on his belief in personalized service, selection and first-hand experience. . .

. . .McGuckin Hardware currently employs around an average of 250 people on its 60,000+ square foot sales floor. We also have a Design Center just to the north of the Hardware Store to service our designer hardware and kitchen and bath design customers. Our 55,000 square foot Distribution Center is located in far north Boulder. We average about 315 employees for all operations. Indeed, McGuckin Hardware has grown to service all of our customers' needs."

What a legacy. If you are ever in Boulder Colorado, make sure you stop by.

PS I am not getting paid for this endorsement, rather I wanted to share the experience.



David said...

Nice to see that companies like this are still on the planet, and doing well. I wish there were more retailers like this

Significant Snail said...

My aunt used to work there several years ago, ago before college and marriage. Don't you wish they had them everywhere?

Sailor said...

It is a good thing that they aren't in Delta, or that we aren't in Boulder.... yikes! Too much fun and way too tempting. I'm glad to go there with you a couple of times per year. It is a lot of fun.

ZB said...

True that.. HA!


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