Friday, March 6, 2009

Picasa Web Photos

I have always loved that I can link from someones blog to their Flickr or Picasa photo accounts to look at more of their photos, whether it be their trips or the latest antics of their children or pets.
I finally figured out how to link it on my blog.

What you see is what is there for all my posts, on all of my blogs. So basically you will see my Taiwan trip and many other things. I spent a long time last night trying to remember our Taiwan trip and typing in some captions below the photos.

What did it accomplish? I got terribly homesick for Taiwan. I wanted to go back and see the Taroko Gorge again, I wanted to go back to the sweet people our son introduced us to. What is Ray up to now? How is Freddy? I would love to go back to that Buddhist Monastery again. And would love to see Puli once more and stay in that marvelous Waterhouse bed and breakfast. Where is Daniel Lieu our wonderful driver now? He happened to have a two week break from school when we came and took that time to drive the car we rented. We paid for his food, all the gas and helped with his hotel costs as well. Has he gotten married by now? The Landis Hotel was such an amazing "wow factor" hotel with the best and largest breakfast buffet I have ever seen. The food was so unique you can't taste it anywhere here that I have found.
And Mangos, ahhhhh mangos. You haven't tasted mangos until you taste them fresh off the tree.
If I ever serve a mission for our Church, I think I will put in a request to be considered to serve there. I cannot imagine a better place to serve.

There are some things I didn't get to see the first time around that I would like to see next time. We never got to see Taipei. We landed there, but immediately boarded a bus and headed to Taichung. We didn't get to see the Taipei Temple either. I cried over that for several hours as we were stuck in an airport waiting for our returning flight. There was a town we didn't get to see that is famous for it's wood carvings that we didn't get to see either.

The only thing I don't miss is the flight. That was so LONG, so crowded and miserable. It was so miserable, in fact, I purchased upgrades on the way home. I just couldn't imagine my two sweet long-legged men having to fold themselves on those tiny seats of Malaysian Airlines which were built for much smaller people than we are. I don't miss the humidity either.

But in all, just looking at those pictures made me homesick for a place I only spent two weeks in. Have you ever gotten homesick for a place where you didn't spend much original time too?


Grandma Cebe said...

Yes, for me, it's Paris, France.

yardsnacker said...

Ah, someday...I'd like to go to Bali. Heck, I'll take Mexico City! Glad you have such wonderful memories to relish!

Sailor said...

You do take good care of me. That upgrade was a life saver. Wow - so much better than the flight over.

It was a really fun trip, and nice to see Dan in his element and meet his friends. Lots of good memories

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! Yes, I know what you mean - I often find myself looking back to prior journeys. Interestingly, though, going back may be so different that it may be better to savor the memories...


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