Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Crazy Mixed Up Dream/Nightmare and why I haven't been blogging lately

Yesterday I went to choir for the first time in about six weeks. We gave our concert the Saturday after Thanksgiving and got a break for Christmas. I was sick for 10 days after Christmas with bronchitis and basically slept for all ten days and nights. It was sort of an awake coma, if you know what I mean. I would get up, eat, use the facilities and do things like clean the kitchen or do laundry, which I vaguely remember doing and sometimes was surprised it was done. I got a box in the mail of Ocuvite vitamins that I barely remember buying. I better be careful if I ever get something like this again. Sailor will have to lock the computer and hide the keys.

But then I'd go right back to bed after getting up and sleep some more. Sailor would come home in the evening, and I would awaken enough to eat the dinner he made for me, then settle right back into my pillow and sleep through the night. I was coughing so hard that I didn't know whether to cover my mouth or hold my chest with both hands to keep it from burning as I coughed. Eventually on Sailor's day off (about a week after I started feeling bad - which, incidentally all fell on the New Year week), he took me to the doctor, I was diagnosed with bronchitis, got on meds and finally came out of the deep sleep. Only to find I had lost part of my life.

It was disorienting, because basically 10 days had been taken out of my life. I was surprised to hear that Obama would be inaugurated here soon, I thought to myself, "wait, doesn't that usually happen in January?" My Christmas tree is still up, because I usually leave it up until the Christian holiday called 12th night. It is when the wise men symbolically found the baby Jesus. We know actually they didn't find him until he was around 2 years old. So it is a symbolic day. But in my mind the 6th was not until another week or so.

Anyway, back to my day yesterday. Tuesdays are always LOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGG. I usually try to leave the house before noon and have a list as long as my arm of things to accomplish in the big city as long as I am spending the gas money. (its a 2.5-hour drive one way)

I went to Bath and Body Works yesterday and had a grand time purchasing some of that wonderful cherry blossom and yummy vanilla hand soaps. Can I just say that I *LOVE* their hand soaps? I don't purchase lotion for hands or feet there, because I have my own favorite lotion I purchase elsewhere, but the hand soap makes me feel so happy every time I use it.

I also went to Costco, purchased a bunch of stuff you can only get at Costco including a good price on gasoline, $1.49, then to Michael's. I purchased some glass paint and beads. Then I went to see my Beautiful D1 at her workplace. She manages a hair salon. I delivered the Christmas gifts which I brought home from our out-of-state relatives and visited with her for a few minutes. She is such a delightful girl. She is always happy and smiling. I LOVE seeing her. She always makes me feel happy after I have seen her, and it keeps me smiling for a good long while after I leave. Thank you, Sweet and Beautiful D1. I LOVE YOU.

I hurried onto WalMart to exchange some things, purchased some great fabric for a quilt I am starting and a few things on my list. I then hurried to our Choir Board Meeting and then Choir until 9 pm.

I had awakened at 6 am and got home at midnight. Did I mention that Tuesdays are long? After putting away the perishables and heading to bed, I laid there and buzzed. I can't just go to sleep the minute I get home. I just laid there, mind racing.

After Sailor fell asleep, I got back up and checked email and surfed the web for a while, made a purchase, and I finally fell asleep by 1:30.

I usually NEVER remember my dreams, but this one droned on and on and was more frustrating than scary.
I dreamed I was watching over a bunch of out-of-control children. I knew the children in my dream, among them was a nephew who was about 8 in the dream and others, I think including my grandchildren and several others. We had taken the whole lot of them for a visit to a friend's house and were trying to settle them down for the night. Some were obediently going to sleep in sleeping bags spread all over the floor of the living room, but others felt exempt from my rule, even though I was their temporary babysitter and guardian.

One nephew in particular was fiddling with the foot peddles of a piano and was making it produce a very low and loud sighing noise. The sound was more of a noise that would come from the foot pedal of an organ rather than a piano. Isn't that how dreams go? He fiddled with it and when I called him off, the piano/organ kept emitting the low regular noise. This would cause him to go back and fiddle some more, only to have it continue to make noise after he would walk away.

I was getting very frustrated with the whole situation and the children we had worked so hard to put to bed were all stirring. But I couldn't get the obnoxious nephew to stop fiddling with this piano/organ.

By the way, I don't think this frustrating dream has anything to do with the fact that my DIL1 and S1 want us to come and babysit their four daughters this summer while they take a trip to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Although babysitting other people's children, even my own grandchildren, really makes me nervous. I feel so out of practice, you know?

Luckily for me, Sailor got up for work, and I awoke. The Obnoxious Dream was at a frustrating but non-conclusive end. Thank Goodness.

Now that I write about it, I think I can figure this out. I think I was incorporating Sailor's snores into my dream.
How simple is that?
hope you have a great day


Anonymous said...

Man I am so sorry you got so sick! That is scary!!! Poor Annie! And you changed dates to try to get past all the illnesses of your grandchildren. It scares me! You just can not go through that. I am so sorry. Hopefully you can heal completely. I remember when the girls started school we had to catch every new illness, completely re do my immune system. I was so sick for about a half year, then all was fine.

Love you sis!

Kay Dennison said...

Oh my!!!! I'm sorry you were under the weather!!!

I hope you are doing better!!!!

Take care and get your strength back!!!

Sailor said...

Hmmm.... well, that is discouraging. I guess that it is better to transmorgify my snores to be an obnoxious organ than to be reminded of snoring whenever you hear an organ play. Actually, that might be kind of funny.

Julie said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. We should get together on a tuesday. It would be a lot of fun. :D Love you!

RisibleGirl said...

I'm so glad that you're feeling better, dear friend. It's not surprising that you got SO sick, with as much as you do. You wear your poor little body out!

I think I incorporate sounds around me into dreams too. That dream sounds really frustrating, and is probably a little bit about anxiety over watching your grandchildren. I'm sure they're in GREAT hands, no matter how out of practice you might feel. :)


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