Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Greens and Other Blessings

I have been reading all the benefits of dandelion greens online. I have found if you have a potential of inheriting macular degeneration that these greens are OFF THE CHARTS on Lutine and other nutrients for the eyes.
They help in weight loss, in digestive problems, in urinary problems and many more.
If I had the time to go look these up and provide links today, I would. But I have to go to choir today and intend on stopping at the new Sunflowers Market, so I have to work that into my schedule.
Anyway last night I got an unused window planter box and some left-over Miracle Grow potting soil and went to my yard and began to dig up the dandelions and plant them in the planter. I hope they survive, but for good measure, I harvested a bunch of seeds and mixed them in the soil as well. They look a little stressed today, and judging from how much it takes to make a good rich green smoothie, I would use up the greens in this box in a couple of days, so I may have to go easy on them for a while. I really do until they get stronger and more hardy. Poor stressed plants.
I never thought I would ever purposely grow dandelions, and in the house no less. How weird is that? Once while in Austria, I saw a bouquet made of silk flower dandelions. The store was closed, but I wanted to buy that bouquet. It made me giggle and feel happy. Now after studying about it online, I have found they are something I MUST have and since it is free in my back yard, then I will harvest them and use them.
Sailor and I giggle when we think of all the years we have fought these plants in our lawn. But I never really went after them with a vengeance, because I sort of liked them. My children used to bring me bouquets of them. There is a soft spot in my heart when I see the yellow flowers and remember my precious children bringing me bouquets. Not only are they nutritious, but they are provided for children to pick and give to their mothers. My bouquets always got the place of honor in the middle of the table in my best vases.
Those times flew by so fast. There are few mementos my children left behind. They are things like the dandelions, trampoline and the swing set. *sigh*

I didn't mean to get a lump in my throat while I wrote this post. It is supposed to be about health and benefits of greens etc.
Anyway Sailor and I get a kick out of the fact that this nutrition provided by our Heavenly Father is just sitting in our back yard for free, has been there forever. It is the hardiest of plants, except when you try to bring them in the house, haha.
They are one of the earliest plants to come up in the spring and one of the last plants to give up in the fall. They are still out there, green as ever after several hard frosts, and a snow.
I wonder what other gifts Heavenly Father has provided for us that we are not aware of but are right under our noses?
Have a nice day and give your loved ones a big hug.


RisibleGirl said...

Call me silly (and I'm sure this won't surprise you), but I'm afraid to eat dandelions from my yard because I'm afraid that some animal has pottied on them and I couldn't wash them enough. True story!

I like the idea that you're growing them inside- less likely to have that problem, especially since you don't have pets. tee hee.

PS- you've made a footprint on my heart too. xoxo

Sailor said...

That was a nice post Annie. And what a funny world it is that we would find this common weed is so good for us.

RG: We was them in soapy water with a drop or two of chlorox. And we have no dogs in the back yard.

For everyone else, you can go the boiled greens route, or the sandwich route, but you might find them a little bitter, or a little stringy. It is better to learn about green smoothies, which sound scary, but are really pretty good.

When we went to Lake Powell this fall we had a great talk with a guy I only know as Martin. He has been a vegan for 40 years, is in his early 60's, but looks maybe like mid-late 40's. He told us some of the virtues of smoothies. One of the things that made a lot of sense to me was that he said human teeth just don't chew raw vegetables fine enough to get all the nutrition out of them. And our intestinal tract isn't the best for that either. But if you blend them, or vita-mix them, you are down close to the cellular level, and you get the benefit. A very interesting guy.

yardsnacker said...

I know what you mean about time going so fast! You've inspired me, my Mom had macugen, the slang word for it and here sight went so fast before the end. I know she would have gagged at the thought of eating this humble weed, but you can dehydrate them or air dry them, store them in a food saver bag until ready and then mortar and pestle them for your smoothies too! I really need to get better at foraging! I did pretty good this summer however, but I sure wish I had some now! Thank goodness for Vitamineral Greens!

Significant Snail said...

I have always loved Dandelions! I can't imagine someone selling a bouquet of silk ones. I would want to buy it too!

Ash said...

you eat them......


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