Saturday, October 18, 2008

WOW, just WOW

Last night our Choir performed our 'Hits of the Sixty's concert, Imagine in the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center in downtown Salt Lake. We had 11 songs, including Aquarius, Happy Together, Beatles Medley, Association Medley featuring Cherish, Beach Boys, Feelin' Groovy, and a quadruple quartet singing Barbara Ann, Big Girls Don't cry, In My life and a soloist singing a Mama Cass, Dream a Little Dream of Me. Sailor video taped the program. It sounds amazing. I will try to put at least one song somewhere here on the blog.

We have been practicing since August. Some of us have had a wonderful time remembering the music of our youth. The other members of the choir, who hadn't been born then, still enjoyed the great music.

The house was sold out, the audience was amazing. We just had such a wonderful time. The audience was singing along and at one point I looked up to see the people in the balcony all with their cell phones lit up pointing towards us and waving back and forth to the beat of the music. I have never seen such an amazing audience. I don't think I have had so much fun at a concert, and that includes our Carnegie Hall performance and our trip to Austria. Although those were amazing times too. This Choir has a way of giving us so many wonderful experiences. I don't believe I have had such fun as I have in the last 5 years belonging to this choir.

I have said it before, "that the concert we just put on was the best one ever", and I will probably say it again, but this one tops all. I don't know how we can ever top it, except to do another Sixty's concert next year with more great music. There was so much good music produced in that era we just touched a tip of the iceberg. The only regret is that the choir didn't memorize their music. In my old choir, we were required, and there were a bunch of OLDER ladies in that one. We had to do dances and stuff with our singing and we COULDN'T hold music. I think this choir is capable of memorizing, they just don't know it. But, WOW how we could have rocked if we hadn't been encumbered with those stupid folders. Mine basically stayed on the front page of the most current song, and sometimes I forgot to turn to the latest one we were singing, so I did have mine memorized.

Anyway, I have been humming the music for the last 6 weeks and last night we had to turn all that music in as we exited the stage.

Next week we practice for a ground-breaking for a new wing on the Huntsman Cancer Center, and after that we start on our Christmas Concert.

Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE being in this choir?


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RisibleGirl said...

What fun music! I loved the part where you said that people had their cell phones lit up and waving back and forth. I haven't been to a 'rock' concert in quite a while, so maybe that's what they do now instead of lighters (gah- that makes me sound so old.. next thing you know I'll say "those crazy young kids")

I need to join a choir. I miss that. Especially singing Christmas music. ON the other hand, I'd not feel the energy to go out after work and whatever is required, so maybe I'll stick to singing in the shower.


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