Sunday, October 26, 2008

Graduating Class of Oct 08

Front row l-r: Margarita, Llaneley, Judith, Romando (new student), Edwardo
Back row l-r: Sailor, me, Thomas, Candido & (High Counselor) Russ
We teach English to a group of Spanish people who live in the area. Anyone is welcome, they don't have to be affiliated with this Church, they just have to want to learn English. It is a Church program called the Daily Dose. We meet every Sunday and every Wednesday at 7 pm. After they finish 12 lessons, we give them a certificate with their name, the Branch President's signature and the date, stating they have completed a group of lessons.
We had a Fiesta tonight with the presentations of the certificates and some refreshments. There were three new people who came tonight. One is a former student whose work prevented him from attending until tonight. He is back. Two others are brand new. They are all very sweet and shy. I really have grown to love them all. One in the picture was brand new, but he had his picture taken with the group. How sweet is that?
All promised to attend next Wednesday. What a rewarding Church calling. I get to serve with my sweetheart Husband and I get to serve some of the nicest people. The other "gringo" in the picture is the High Counselor over this program in our Stake. He is an amazing man. He shows up almost every time. The Stake President's 2nd Counselor also comes quite often and once in a while the Branch President comes as well. It is a quiet calling. With not too much recognition or attention. Most people in the Ward don't even know what we do, but if we get to serve these few people, who are the Lord's children in this quiet corner of the vineyard, I am happy. It helps me to count my blessings when I get to know these humble people who are eeking out a living working at the egg plant or a dairy, yet they are so happy. I feel so blessed.


Sailor said...

Hi Dear Annie,
That was a nice post. This has been an interesting experience for me. I knew it was hard to learn a new language because I have had a time learning Spanish to any degree. I have always been annoyed by the people who with a degree of callous flip advise the immigrants that 'you're in American now, so speak American', but I really didn't know how are it was until I saw these people work week after week to pronounce a 'v' sound..... stove.

Anyway, I love you much and love serving with you in this and all our adventures in life.

HiHoRosie said...

Wow, what an incredible experience that must've been. And like Sailor said, it is challenging learning a new language and English can't be very easy! Congrats to all the graduates and to you guys for being involved. :)

RisibleGirl said...

What Heidi didn't say is that our Dad has done this too for many years. Sometimes I think my dad was hispanic in his previous life. He loves the culture, music and ESPECIALLY the food.

I'm with my dad (and your comments as well about what a humble culture they are); they have a lot to share with us as well.


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