Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Joy mixed with saddness

I started this a while ago, and I am in the process of trying to finish projects. Those of you who are waiting for something, take heart. (ZB and Sailor)
This was made for a special person who is not a member of our faith but lives in the midst of predominantly LDS community.
This man came moved here a while back as a dairy farmer. He then started his own Church and became the pastor. He built his new Church building one board at a time, all by himself with the help of his congregation.

He is a very kind man and loved by all in his congregation and anyone else who gets to know him.   

I actually did a mosaic made of broken black and white tiles on the walls of his state-of-the-art dairy, with a rotary milking parlor. The mosaic was a cow's head peeking through the letter "S" (for his last name). I got to know him during those two weeks I worked in the milking barn. He even lent me his tile cutter. I kept it for such a long time, he had forgotten who he had lent it to. I had forgotten I even had it until I came across it much later. I quickly returned it feeling very embarrassed for having kept it for so long.

But I felt that wasn't enough and decided to make this "stained glass" quilt to thank him, not just for lending me his tile cutter but I also wanted him to know that I support him in his efforts of building a church in the midst of a predominantly Mormon community in order to bring Christ to the hearts and lives of others.

I hope he will want to hang this in his new chapel and I hope it brings Joy to all who look at it.

Speaking of "Joy", the song in this video is one we are singing in our Ward Choir. I just love it. It is called Joy In the Morning, by Natalie Sleeth. This is a Baptist University Christian Choir from Hong Kong.



PS. On a sad note: After I posted this, I called his number and it had been disconnected. I drove by the church and found a phone number on the marquee. I called the number and found he had moved back to California. He is no longer a pastor. He is working as an electrician.

The sad part is this: I procrastinated and now it is too late.

There has to be something good that comes from this (always Pollyanna) I have learned to act faster when an inspiration hits me, and I guess I now have a beautiful thing to hang on the front door for Christmas. But I will probably always look at it and feel badly for being such a procrastinator.


HiHoRosie said...

Oh that's too bad that you weren't able to give him your gift (beautiful btw). Maybe one day your paths will cross until then en"joy" your newly finished project! :D

Sailor said...

Hi Dear Friend,
It will be a beautiful thing to hang at Christmas.

I am not sure what project that I am waiting for you to finish.... I like surprises. :)

RisibleGirl said...

Don't beat yourself up over that- you don't want that kind of thought when you look at the BEAUTIFUL thing that you made.

Sailor is funny "I like surprises". I'll bet he gets a lot of them from you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey pretty lady.

I sang Joy In The Morning for the first time in 8th grade at a music educator's conference in St. George. I also sang it quite a few times over the years in wards and such. (no not recently :)) It's a good one. I can totally get into it!

I hope all is well with you and yours.



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