Thursday, July 31, 2008

Exciting times

I think I will track my exercise in a new post each month. I didn't do any exercise today, the reason is explained in the last post.
Yesterday, July 30, we realized our D1 had rescheduled her move from July 31/August1 to July30/31. We had scheduled to come up on the 1st and help move, then spend the night and attend a wedding on the 2nd. Instead, we quickly packed an overnight bag and headed north. The kids and the cousins had worked all day and had the U-haul all packed and moved over to the new house, ready to unpack. We helped load the last of things in the Explorer, then D1 and I stayed to clean a bit. There was really not too much work left. When we got to the house, we realized SIL1, Sailor and a darling niece had most of it unpacked. We helped with the rest, admired the wonderful house and yard. I got a call from S3 to tell me his daughter was born at 9 pm. What an amazing day. I count my blessings with all this sweet stuff happening. By the time the U-haul was unloaded, it was about 11 pm, and we decided to drive home. We got home by about 2:30 and in bed by 3. Got up this morning at around 9. Both of us are wiped out.
Sailor had the day off, so he is working on the fence. He has finished enough that the neighbor dog can no longer see us. He has stopped barking so much. It is a relief.
I had better get back to work now. I have so many sewing projects to finish. About a dozen or so receiving blankets, a torn skirt, a zipper, and a coat to reline. Oh and there is more, that is all that I can think about now.



HiHoRosie said...

Hey MOVING is exercise! Definitely exciting times.

Thanks for your support Annie - good luck on your challenge. We're all going to feel so great by the end of 100 days. :)

Sailor said...

It certainly is exciting sharing a life in this whirl with you .

RisibleGirl said...

You should get yourself a pedometer so you can keep track of all of the activity! I do so much running around that I swear I should look like Twiggy- yet I don't. Why??????????????????????????????


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