Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Don't try to sell me anything, Part II

On several occasions where I had to make a trip to the mall in Salt Lake, I passed by a kiosk that had Egyptian 400 thread count cotton sheets, all sizes for $22. It came with a flat top, fitted bottom and four pillow cases for that price. It didn't matter if you purchased them for a twin or a king bed, all were the same price.
I saw this kiosk at first around Christmas. I finally got around to maybe getting a set in May or June. The kiosk had moved, much to my relief they were still in the mall. So I purchased two sets, a white set and a lavender set. When I got home, I put the white ones on my bed and ohmygosh, they were the softest, most wonderful sheets I had ever touched. I was in love and started telling my children about these amazing inexpensive sheets.
My daughter expressed interest, so I purchased her a set. Then the other daughter told me she wanted two sets. I decided the next time I was in the big city I would purchase the other daughter a couple of sets and maybe get a set for every other child as a Christmas present or something, plus I thought they would be great for guest beds. My plan was to come up with mucho money and just buy all I could.
Well, I came back last week, armed and ready to purchase many sheets and guess what? It has gone out of business, and the heart-breaker was they had closed LAST WEEK. The mall information guy said their lease ran out and they stopped business in both malls. You may remember the curse I tend to put on products I love, that is if I find a product I adore, it usually discontinues.
Now I have looked online. I have found several sites that sell sets of 300, 400, and 600 tc Egyptian cotton queen-sized sheets for around that same price, but when I went through all the ordering information and finally got around to shipping, an additional $20 is attached to the cost, so there goes my plans. I have found many, many sheets that are much more expensive and want to charge the Bed Bath and Beyond prices which are way BEYOND my budget. So it is back to square one. I gave the other daughter my lavender set of sheets, because I had promised to get her a set, and now I only own one set for myself. *sniff*
My only hope is that this kiosk will show up again around Christmas. (oh please, please, please come back Discount Sheets) I promise I will be ready with several wads of $100 bills, armed and ready to buy your whole kiosk out of business, at least for the queen-sized sheets.

You may wonder about hording mentality, but for me this is the kind of thing that triggers that reaction.


hope you are having a great summer, dear reader.



Sailor said...

Hi Dear Friend,
Well, that is certainly disappointing! I am glad we have wads of $100 bills.... I wondered what the mattress was stuffed with! It's a good thing that you pay the bills. :) I hope you can find what you are looking for. Love you much.

HiHoRosie said...

Darn! Hate it when that happens. That would happen to me with my favorite makeup. It would either be discontinued or sold out. It just was never available so it became a running joke between my friend and I. Hope the business comes back or at least temporarily for the holidays so you can spend your wad of cash. :)

RisibleGirl said...

I completely understand the hording thing! I do the same thing when I find those little things that look like showercaps for covering food dishes.

After spending time in Canada at that resort, I really appreciated our sheets at home. I felt as if we were sleeping on sand paper at the resort. Soft sheets are worth their weight in gold, but way better if they're cheap!



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