Monday, June 16, 2008

A tiny part

About a week ago my Osterizer died. I was so sad, because I had discovered how much fun smoothies are in the summer for breakfast. Yes, I have smoothies for breakfast. Any kind of fruit tossed in the blender makes great smoothies. My favorite starts with a cup of milk, some protein powder, a banana, and the frozen strawberries one at a time. I like these smoothies so much better than a shake we can buy at Leo's because it is mostly fruit. No sugar, nothing but the fruit and milk. Today I added a sliver of cantaloupe to the batch. It was so delicious.
I was really getting into making these every day and sometimes twice or in the evening when I was a bit peckish and didn't want to get into something wicked, like chocolate or ice cream or something equally as sinful and full of calories. I wrote "blender" on my shopping list for when I go to choir up north on Tuesdays, but I was sad to think my blender was gone. I even had an extra rubber ring gasket and an extra lid for it.

I didn't want to just throw it away. Upon examination I discovered it was this part that was broken.

Then I looked online. I found the part on a website called Goodmans which is located in Florida.

This is an over sized picture of a Rubber drive coupling for Oster blenders. It is actually about as large as a nickel in diameter and about an inch high.
It cost $3.99 plus shipping, which I believe, was close to $5.00. So for less than $10 and waiting a week for it to make it across the country, I was back in business.

Sailor, my sweet husband installed the new Rubber Drive Coupling for Oster Blenders and I have my wonderful blender back. How cool is that? I am happy that I didn't have to add to the ever-growing waste we put in the land fill. My faithful blender was a bit dirty and greasy after Sailor took it apart and put it back together, but with a little soap and a green scrubby, she looks almost as good as new. Plus I saved around $30.
And speaking of saving money, I dropped my cell phone the other day and the battery broke. It wouldn't stay on the phone anymore. I found a replacement battery for $3.00 plus shipping which was around $5.50. It came today in the mail and is recharging. I guess I am glad I have an older phone with inexpensive replacement batteries.

::annie heaves a happy sigh::



Sailor said...

Sorry about the smudges, but I live of your happy sighs.

HiHoRosie said...

Bonus Monday! Glad everything worked out inexpensively.

yardsnacker said...

Very cool to order parts and save some dinero! Or should I say cabbage, since that is more raw? Glad you are enjoying the smoothies, aren't they fun?


RisibleGirl said...

I do the next best thing to repairing stuff. I give all my broken things to my oldest son's friend who can fix ANYTHING, then I buy a new one for myself. It's a win-win, since he doesn't have a lot of money.

Good for you for finding an inexpensive alternative to replacing stuff.


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