Saturday, June 7, 2008


GS3 was born June 5 around 1 in the afternoon. He was a little over 8 pounds and 21 inches long. His Grandma on Mom's side has already gotten to meet him. His Mom was in labor on the same day as her sister was. This has happened twice to her. While she was in labor with the first son she found out later that her sister was just down the hall IN THE SAME HOSPITAL having her baby. I am not sure if the other sister had hers on the same day as this new little guy, but they were both admitted around the same time in two different hospitals. How amazing is that?

(update: the sister's labor was stopped and she went home, her baby is not due until 3 weeks from now, he was breach and she hopes he will turn or it will have to come c-section)

Yea, little grandson!

Welcome to the family. You are outnumbered 3 to 1, but you will have a blast with all those girls when you all get older, I am sure. How fun to have so many cousins. You are coming into such a sweet family.

Your older brother will be so happy to have a brother, and your two sisters will love you as well. You have some of the sweetest parents you could ever have chosen. They will raise you in a righteous home filled with love. They are tremendously talented. Your mom plays the piano, so she will probably teach you, that is so lucky. She also sews like a professional. You will always have nice clothes, and she is a great cook, what more can you ask for? Your dad loves to cook as well, so you will never go hungry. He is a great provider and sacrifices for his family as he drives 100 miles a day to earn his living. He is a great artist and unlike most artists, he earns a great living with it.

You have four adoring grandparents who practically worship the ground you will walk on. You will be surrounded by many aunts, uncles and cousins too numerous to count. I am pretty sure your life on this earth will be a very happy one. Welcome, Welcome sweet little boy!

love from your Grandma H.
This is the blanket I made for him on Friday.

Quick update. We went to meet him today, 7 June. It is our anniversary and what better anniversary celebration is there than making a trip up north to meet our 10th grand child. We said to ourselves, if we had known 34 years ago that we would have 10 grandchildren by now, we would not have believed it. The time goes so fast (I am telling this to you young ones who don't believe it.)

He is so darling. He really looks like his dad when he was a baby and his older brother. If they had all been born as fraternal triplets no one would believe that claim. The hair color would be the only give-away.
I sat there and held him for a very long time, even skipping supper until the mom offered to let me go grab a bite. I will post the pictures tomorrow. It is midnight now and I am ready to sleep.

it was a sweet anniversary today, thanks everyone for the best wishes.



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