Sunday, May 25, 2008

Some 4-day Weekend

Poor Hubby. He worked so hard last week, 10-hour days and had Friday off. He was really looking forward to this relaxing 4-day weekend. Well, it was really not-so-relaxing, but it was practically unscheduled. He had all sorts of things planned, including tinkering with his hyper-milage commuter car and finishing the raised patio garden beds. We had one obligation, and the rest was OUR time, which so rarely happens.

He worked all day Friday, laying the cinder block for the second garden bed.

I worked outside too, pulling 4 trash cans of terrible invasive vine weeds. I don't know the name of these. Does anyone have any clue what this is? You can click on any of these pictures and see a larger view.

They grow really fast, (should I say like weeds?) and if you don't watch, they can take over the yard, like they did in my neighbor's yard. They are growing in his grass.

Or the other neighbor's fence! Look how thick they are! They are literally knocking the fence down!I worked all afternoon pulling those things and the end result was great! I actually found some flowers growing there! Surprise!
Anyway we came in at sunset, having found some muscles we never knew we had and were really feeling exhausted, but happy for all we accomplished. As you can see, he laid the second raised bed and planted the first in tomatoes. The background near the fence is where I worked pulling the weeds out.
I haven't planted my flowers yet. That will be tomorrow, I guess.

Like I said before we had NO plans for all four days except for working in our yard and on the car. We did have one commitment on Saturday helping the youth plant flowers around the Manti Temple. The rest of the weekend was OURS, and we had great plans. But the familiar phone number registered on call waiting around 9:30 pm. It was his boss. It seems the Power Plant had developed a tube leak.

So instead of a relaxing 4-day weekend, my poor hubby had to get up at 4:30 am Saturday, and head into work. He worked until 8:30 pm got home by 9, ate, showered and dropped into bed by 11:30. The phone rang this morning at 5 am. The welders had worked all night and were ready for inspection, so away he went. You can read about this tube leak and see pictures here: Sailor's Blogspot.
I went out after Church today and took these pictures. Here is one for YardSnacker
He said we should know what edible plants we have in our yard. Actually I pulled a BUNCH Of these out with the unidentified invasive weed. This is White Top. I heard that the Anasazi Indians used to grind up the seeds into flower. So if I get desperate Sam, this will be growing in my back yard. I will have some sort of . . . bread, I guess. I also have PLENTY of dandelion, but I HATE THEM. They are so bitter. I digress, that is another post.

I have a couple of other pictures, but I think I will save those for another post as well.

I hope you, dear reader, have a wonderful Sabbath day.



Jenny said...

The yard looks great! Really coming along.

Sailor said...

Hi Dear Friend,
Well, it has been a weekend. There are lots of adventures like this over the years. I am glad to have you to come home to after a long day. You make all the work worth it. Love you

RisibleGirl said...

The raised planters look beautiful (and like a LOT of work to put in!)

I don't know that weed/vine. Sadly, the plants that are the most invasive in my yard also hurt the most. Stinging nettle and blackberry vines. I really need to get serious and tackle those things. They're toward the back of my yard and taking up space where I could start building a little playground for future grandkiddies.

I think if I had a mulcher, I could really go to town!

yardsnacker said...

Woohoo! I was mentioned! Thanks pretty lady! I ate dandelion and some wild anise growing today. So scrumptious and gave me a major energy boost. I did spit out some dandelion look alike though, so bitter..blech! I feel your pain! :D

HiHoRosie said...

I've heard some people really love dandelion - I haven't tried it but I'm scared. ha ha! I've heard it's best when it's young; it's less bitter. I'm still scared however. :-D


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