Thursday, May 8, 2008

Close Call

It seems like everyone is getting this terrible bronchitis virus lately. The Elderly Neighbor Man had it and then very kindly invited Sailor over to help him fix something, then proceeded to cough and hack all over him in that germ-infested house.
OK, I can't actually prove that is where he got the cold, but he sounded my Neighbor when he coughed. Sailor went to the doctor and got a prescription of Zithromax which didn't seem to help him a bit.
Bronchitis and I have had a long history together. It is my weakness. My tradition is to catch any cold germ that walks by and turn it quickly into bronchitis, laryngitis and even possibly pneumonia. So when Sailor started coughing, I was sure I was doomed to the same fate. Especially since Old Neighbor had begged a ride to the Doctor's office the previous week. And even though I Lysoled the whole car, and every door latch he touched, I was now terrified I was next on the Virus' List.
Sure enough, last Saturday I awoke coughing and sounding like I had gotten it as well. I literally could feel my chest become heavy, as though it was filling up with gunk. Sailor was very sad he had exposed me, especially since I was supposed to witness a grand daughter's birth the coming Monday. There was NO WAY I was going to allow this to happen to my Once.In.A.Lifetime experience, so I took aggressive action:

First I brewed a kettle of Celestial Seasonings Honey Peach Ginger Wellness Tea, took a good steamy shower with Shower Soothers.
Next I took two Musinex, two Sudafed, two Cold Snap* (*these can be taken every 20 minutes with more herb tea), turned on the humidifier, rubbed my chest with Vicks Vaporub and covered it with a heat pad and slept for 48 hours.

OK, I can't prove that any or all of these products did the job. Possibly it was the combination of all the above, or maybe it really was lots of liquids and plenty of rest that saved me from this virus. I don't know. But just in case any of you out there wanted to know my secret. . . There it is. I hope you can avoid catching it as well. Now just in case I have jinxed myself by blogging about this too soon. I had better go knock on wood.

have a happy, healthy weekend



Sailor said...

Hi Dear Friend,
Yes, I am very sad that I gave you the bug, but you did an amazing job with the self-doctoring regime that you applied. That should go in that book: "Where There Are No Doctors". Very effective. I guess we should make sure we have a good supply of all of those medicines in our food storage.

Anonymous said...

I needed this blog a week ago!!!
I had no idea one person could produce so much phlegm. Ick!

Love you
Love your blog
Love your family
Love Shower Soothers.

RisibleGirl said...

I don't know who invented mucinex, but they will certainly find their place in heaven if I get a vote!

Glad you're feeling better. Stay rested so you get better all the way. :)



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