Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Three Girls and a Boy

Our family seems to produce girls much easier than boys. We have 4 grandchildren due in 2008 and we just found out all the genders. Three Girls and a Boy. When the latest baby girl is born to S3 & DIL3 we will have twelve grandchildren. And out of twelve, we will have three boys and nine girls. What a happy blessing babies are!

I am so happy for all them who are expecting. It is certainly an exciting time. Grandchildren are all they cracked them up to be. We are having a wonderful time with this new role we have been given.

The outage is underway at the Power Plant. We started on Sunday. 12-hour days, seven days a week for a month is an awfully long time, considering we have only finished the third and I am so exhausted.

that is about all I have to say now. I must go help in the kitchen. We make lunch and dinner, then take a shower and go to bed. I awoke this morning the heater going, the television tuned into the news and I was sleeping right through all this as my sweet husband already was making breakfast.
more later



Sailor said...

Hi Sweet Friend,
Wow, this outage is kicking my behind too. But I am glad to go through the outages, and the easy times with you.
Everyday with you is a good one.

RisibleGirl said...

I love reading your husband's comments to you. You two are so sweet!

Now about those granddaughters- I (jokingly) told my boys that the first one to produce a grand daughter for me gets 5,000.00

I'm dying to buy pink clothes!

Please take good care of yourself with all of these hours you're working.



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