Friday, February 8, 2008

ANOTHER Wierd Dream

Two dreams, two nights in a row, that I can recall! What is this? I never remember dreams and always find it fascinating that other people can recall theirs so very clearly. I cannot figure out why I dreamed this and if it has any kind of "meaning."

::cue in dreamy music::

This one involved 5 children, that were not my own or my grandchildren! In fact, I didn't know them. But we were in charge of them for a week. Anyway Sailor and I were babysitting these children and having a heck of a time getting them to mind. They were wound up and wanted to play and we couldn't get them to settle down and sleep. (note: I cannot figure Who could have wound them up this bad either) They kept popping up like toast. And with two against five, we were NOT winning. I was getting increasingly frustrated and had NO idea what to do. It is a different story when you are raising your own children. They know their boundaries, and know when to stop. These kids just thought everything we did was funny and no one was minding. I even remember patting one on her be-diapered butt and she thought it was funny.

::abruptly stop the chaotic (not dreamy) music::

I told Sailor of my dream that morning when he woke me to kiss me good bye. Later the next day, recalling the nightmare, he reported it worried him when I said, "Yeah, this was a nightmare! Dealing with these little out-of-control brats made me wish I had never had (well, you get the picture)." I don't remember saying that part, but I clearly remembered the disheartening part about feeling so helpless.

Now on a lighter note. If I had used my logic, I would have stepped back, and let Sailor take over. He is amazing. He probably would have lit a few candles, turned all the lights out and read them some stories from Little House on the Prairie like he used to do with our own kids, and like our kids, they would have probably all fallen asleep in our arms and we could have taken each one and gently put them into their beds with NO hassle.

All I know is this: I awoke feeling very tired, frustrated and helpless. It took me a minute to realize that it had been a dream, but it took longer to shake that exhausted feeling. I feel badly for those who remember their dreams, especially when they are chaotic, and awake completely unrested. I want to go back to a blissful unconscious sleep. I guess I am glad I don't remember most of my dreams, unless they are happy ones, if indeed I do have them.


Sailor said...

Dreams are funny things. You are not only a beautiful dreamer, but a highly entertaining one also. :) <3

Early in our marriage, I woke up and Annie was one one elbow looking at me and telling me "THERE ARE TARANTULAS IN THE EASTER GRASS!!! GET THEM OUT BEFORE SOMEONE GETS BIT!!!!"

Even though I wanted to be helpful, I couldn't decode this bit of information. When she finally woke up,(and I stopped laughing) she told me that at the grocery store that she worked at, the bananas came in big bunches, in big boxes and that they were padded with green plastic material that looked like the grass that we used to use in Easter Baskets, and that someone had indeed found a tarantula in there.

Annie has other spider stories that someday I might tell you. She is a lot of fun to be married to, never a dull moment.

Mike said...

I love the spiders in the easter grass story. I have been having really wierd dreams lately, but can't remember them when I wake up. I have read that you can train yourself to control your dreams. Sounds like Tel'aran'rhiod.

RisibleGirl said...

As you know, I'm someone who has very weird dreams and I do remember most of them. Some of them make me scratch my head and wonder what the heck brought those ideas into my subconscious.

Last night was one of those nights. I'm too embarrassed to even mention what the dream was about and I've been trying to dissect it all day long!

My brain is truly a circus- including the scary clowns!


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